Mazda RX-8 RS Facelift Photos Released (JA)

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  1. Mazda RX-8 RS Facelift Photos Released (JA)
    Ahead of Tokyo Auto Salon debut

    The facelifted Mazda RX-8 will be on show at the Detroit Auto Show (starting this Sunday) but this Friday the sportier Mazda RX-8 RS, also facelifted, will make its appearance at the Tokyo Auto Salon. Ahead of that show Mazda has released two images.

    Mazda released no accompanying text so official specs will remain under wraps until the press conference in Tokyo tomorrow. What we can say is that the facelift comprises of new, sharper and sportier front fascia. The air-intakes have grown on each side of the five-point grille, and the foglights which are incororated there are smaller and no longer round.

    At the bottom of the new bumper we see a splitter with small flaps which increase stability and the airflow to the wheels and brakes. Also the RX-8 RS sits on 19 inch wheels and features a rear spoiler, neither of which is likely to make it to the regular RX-8 facelift.

    The revised RX-8 is mainly meant for the US and Japan, but Europe may still see the new RX-8 in showrooms. MotorAuthority has more low resolution photos which will most likely be officially released tomorrow. Stay tuned for more official information.
  2. I am lovin this facelift, it's very GTR
  3. I thought exactly the same when I saw it on autoblog. (you #%$ I was going to make this thread <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>)
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  5. Better but still RX7(looks)>This.
  6. My friends dream car just got alot better.
  7. i like the older styling more...
  8. It will be even more awesome when they put the 2.3l turbo in there.
  9. I like it. I still wouldn't buy one, but it looks good. I wonder if RCChris is kicking himself after just buying a current one. He might be crashing at my place if he comes here for NAIAS.

    I wonder what those wheels would look like on a MazdaSpeed3. Photoshoppers go to work!
  10. It's all fiddly now....
  11. I like it
  12. Recaro seats +1
    Rims +1
    Steering Wheel -1
    Front side -1

    I think I like better the pre-facelift model.
  13. The detailing doesn't match the overall styling. More rice from Mazda. -1
  14. RX8 would look better if it was like a fast-back or something.
  15. Looks more balanced now. A good point that it really needs that 2.3 turbo.
  16. Agree, but this car also has rx7 influence. It's sharp front remind me of rx7.
  17. Meh. I'd still rather have a 350Z.
  19. inside i still hate mazda just a little bit for not making another rx7. the rx8 is pretty quick and the new rs is bound to be awesome but four doors on a rotary just doesn't sit well with my subconscious in some way. furai styling on an rx7 would be ridiculously awesome though
  20. Rx2, rx3, rx4 etc had 4 door versions n00b and they are wicked sick. Hell they are even rx3 wagons........
  21. Hey Mazda. Honda called--they want their tail lights back.
  22. you guys like it? honestly, if i unfocus my eyes and just take it all in, it looks like a chinese or korean car to me now. i liked the old one better, there was nothing wrong with it

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