McLaren F1 Chasis #073 Very Detailed Info

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  1. #073 1998, 63rd car built, Kandy Orange Metallic (Originally AMG Velvet Green). Chassis: SA9AB5AC4W1048073. Fitted with LM engine (Engine number: GTR LM 61121 6053 1648) and Extra High Downforce Kit

    Swiss Registered

    This stunning one owner example was delivered by McLaren in 1998 and this particular collector wanted a unique car which combined the best of both worlds; the performance of the 'LM' with the internal comforts of the standard model thus giving the uncompromised option of everyday road use. After the car was purchased, McLaren offered to undertake this extraordinary project in their workshops in Woking, England. It began with the fitment of their GTR-inspired 'High Downforce Package' which dramatically improved high speed road-holding and stability. Later additional improvement was requested to increase the aerodynamic capability of the car in an effective but visually subtle manner thus it was decided to add louvres to the tops of the front wings and balance the rear end of the car with a 4mm Gurney flap. In addition to this, McLaren installed larger radiators and a sports exhaust system (the original system also accompanies the car) along with a set of forged multi-spoke O.Z. wheels (exclusive to this car) brandishing suitably colossal Michelin tyres all round. To complete this marvel the LM engine was installed; producing an astonishing 691bhp at 7,500rpm and 735 NM of torque (dyno test sheet can be provided upon request) it makes a significant performance improvement. It is important to acknowledge the significance of this upgrade as there is only one other McLaren F1 roadcar with the LM engine fitted. An additional fax sent from McLaren in August 2000 complimented this astonishing car even further; McLaren's most experienced test driver commented that this car was 'the ultimate F1 variant, having the best combination of performance, stability, grip and handling, whilst still being practical for road use'. Unbelievable to think it possible for the greatest Supercar of all time, but with performance raised to an uncompromised optimum level, seemingly there could be no further necessary requirements. However thanks to the comprehensive options and upgrade packages offered by the McLaren factory to this privileged individual, it was decided to respray and retrim the car to his desired combination. A unique dark tangerine metallic colour was chosen, as the studio photography shows, the result is absolutely mesmerising and for long-term protection from stonechips 'Armourfend' (a ultra thin, transparent film) has been applied to the most prone areas such as the nose, headlights and wing mirrors. In complimentary contrast, the interior was trimmed to 'GT' specification with a magnolia alcantara headlining and magnolia wilton carpets, the driver's seat was privileged with magnolia nubuck leather with beige alcantara inserts and the passenger seats were mirrored in beige alcantara with magnolia nubuck leather inserts. To finish and sharpen the visual appearance the dashboard was trimmed in black alcantara and black wilton overmats adorn the footwells. Also uprated is the air-conditioning system. In the cockpit there is a 14 inch leather-trimmed steering wheel and a Phillips satellite navigation system nestles in the left footwell within a custom-made carbon fibre casing. Notably the carbon fibre instrument panel incorporates a gear change light and the chassis number is engraved into the rev counter. Whilst in the car, you have the ability to listen to the stereo, the two-way radio Motorola communication system, the navigation satellite and/or converse with each other whilst on the move (with or without using the helicopter-rated intercom system and Peltor headsets). Other factory upgrades on this most select McLaren include gas discharge headlights, lightly tinted side windows and as a custom request the 'F1' motifs on the doors and the sides of the rear wing have been painted silver. To complete the astonishing achievement Gordon Murray himself has hand-signed this supercar on the carbon fibre area in between the chassis plate and the gear stick in silver permanent marker. Since new, the car has always been stored in the custody of McLaren Cars and all service and up-grade options, that McLaren offers to their exclusive clientele, have only ever been carried out by McLaren Cars in their Customer Care Workshops. The LM engine has covered just over 5,000 kms (3,000 miles) since installation and less than 500kms (300 miles) since the last thorough service. The odometer reading just 18,540kms (11,500 miles) but if one takes into consideration that the chassis is unperishable and the engine is so fresh, it can be regarded as virtually new. Presented in immaculate condition throughout, this particular McLaren F1 is the 'ultimate' example of the model and with its comprehensive specification and knockout looks should not be missed. Included is the Facom tool kit, McLaren 073 wristwatch made specifically for this car, fitted luggage, users manuals and the Swiss Permis de Circulation.

    And the usual info we all have read about before............

    Engine; BMW V12, twin overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder, electronic fuel injection, 6,064cc, producing 691bhp at 7,500rpm; Gearbox: six-speed manual;

    Suspension: double unequal length wishbones, Ground Plane Shear Centre sub-frames and anti-roll bar front: Inclined Axis Shear mounting system with toe in toe out control links rear, alloy dampers, co-axial springs

    Brakes: ventilated disc, four piston monobloc light alloy Brembo calipers, computer cooling with balance aerofoil.

    In 1988, following a meeting of minds led by designer Gordon Murray, McLaren declared an intention to build the ultimate road car utilising technology generated from their position as world leaders in the blue riband of motor racing - Formula 1. The result was the most sensational combination of styling with performance: the build quality unsurpassed and a design of unparalleled function and purpose. The car featured a BMW engine unit of V-12 configuration at a 60 degree angle, with a displacement of just over six liters. Featuring four valves per cylinder and continuous variable inlet valve timing, the dry sump magnesium cast engine fed power through a transversely mounted six speed gearbox mated to a triple plate carbon clutch with aluminium flywheel. With a power to weight ratio of 550bhp per ton performance was electrifying; 0-60mph could be reached in 3.2 seconds and after passing 100mph at 6.3 seconds it could continue to a maximum speed of 231mph (figures quoted by Autocar). By total contrast the F1 is equally at home in traffic and it is claimed that one can trickle along at 35mph in top gear whilst the engine gently idles - a single gear with an operating field spanning nearly 200mph! Aside from the mechanical specification the body was equally unique, drawing on McLaren's Formula 1 expertise it was fabricated entirely of carbon fibre composite construction. With a safety cell to protect the three occupants it provided what was effectively a single seater Grand Prix concept with room for a passenger recessed either side of the central driving position. In 1998 a McLaren F1 road car was recorded at 386.7kmh 240.14mph and this stands today as the fastest speed ever recorded by a production car. After a debut win at Le Mans in 1995 the F1 went on to record numerous victories in GT events across the globe including two FIA GT World Championships. After the Le Mans victory of 1995, McLaren made a commemorative 'LM' model destined for road use which had increased horsepower, greater downforce and improved handling characteristics to the standard McLaren road car but it lacked the internal comforts of the standard model.
  2. When i win the �88million lottery tommorrow, i will buy this.
  3. I wouldnt sell it, what a #$%#ng masterpeice.
  4. I've seen it in person, its awesome. I think the owner (don wallace) is fighting some diesease or cancer and it must be costing him money... hes been trying to sell his cars lately <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A> (clk-gtr, maserati mc12, ferrari f40 gte, and this)
  6. This car is absolutely perfect!
  7. I would sincerely kill for that car
  8. for real? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A> that sucks <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  9. havnt seen this since i saw it in woking
  10. so much better than a stock f1.
  11. I like it all

    apart from the wheels
  12. hmm, I'd much rather have #018.
  13. I'm pretty sure Don Wallace doesn't own this car anymore... I think it was sold a couple of years ago...
  14. nah, at least not years. I saw it at least within the last year photographed together with his other cars
  15. Top car
  16. Euro Trash you need to post that avatar.

    My favourite F1
  17. Is it currently in Switzerland? I know that it was in Florida for awhile.
  18. I'd much rather have a stock F1, or a stock LM, but despite that, this is still uber-awesome.
  19. i hate the looks of the stock f1. i only like it modified like the lm. lm is one of the sexiest cars ever.
  22. Now that I think about it... I don't think this is Don Wallace's car. He has an orange F1, but his doesn't have the High Downforce kit... pretty sure this isn't his car.
  23. Those wheels are fully sik m8, but I don't know if I like them more than the standard LM wheels. Also, all that description and then NO HIGH RES PICTUARS? WHAT THE #$%#?
  24. i was disappointed in the lack of Hi-res as well.

    but this car is so unbelievably gorgeous.

    i need to wipe my keyboard now.
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