mclaren f1 (no 777) gold foil question

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  1. I know from pictures that the 2006 McLaren MP4-21 used it around the rear suspension for this reason. I know many teams have done it but from pictures, its easy to spot it on the MP4-21.
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    The insulation you find under the hood under a normal car is there to reduce engine noise. However, you can find heat shields around the exhaust system on many cars, the function is the same even if the material used is much cheaper.

    Racing cars often use a metalized polymer film for heat reflection. Spacecraft tend to use multi-layer insulation with metalized (silver or aluminum) amber coloured kapton foil, which gives the insulation a gold like colour.
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  10. i think it is so that any heat is reflected which can later be taken out by fans
    the reason is to stop any carbon fibre or other materials like plastic or glass to melt or get damaged
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  15. Really? So I guess the 1995 McLaren F1 I'm staring at must be fake then, lol.

    The gold is there because of the heat generated was melting the carbon fiber.

    Peter Stevens was here, I spent about 5 days with him. He was the artistic designer on the F1 along with Gordon Murray who designed the car.

    Here is the gold in question, I just snapped this photo this morning. It's actually 16 grams of gold used to make the liner.

    Hope this helps.

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