McLaren MP4-12C High Sport

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  1. So McLaren went McLaren F1 - McLaren F1 GTR - McLaren F1 LM (5 examples in orange)...
    Then they went MP4-12C - MP412C GT3 - MP412C HS (5 examples in orange)...
    It should have looked more like the GT3 imo, the race car looks great.

  2. but they look good, and sound good, and arguably the last truly beautiful Ferrari.
  3. Come to think of it, I havent really been seeing many of those around lately, are they all just broken down?
  4. Sitting on firebricks
  5. hey guys here a hjoke!
    a ferrari walks into a bar and castched fire

  6. the last beautiful Ferrari is the 458. after that it was the 550/456 because I can't recall which came out first.
  7. they're getting to the cheap point where its more expensive to fix them then what you can sell them for.
  8. agreed on the 550/456

    458 is pretty ugly though.
  9. they should change the gearbox & pedals instead of adding more power
  10. 550 is more recent than 456
  11. Very funny.
  12. comes with free gas pump.
  13. Oh look at fatradamus right here, what are the winning lotto numbers for tomorrow
  14. oh it weighs less and has more power huh
  15. sounds like 2012 MARK
  16. I'll wait for the 2013 Mark.
  17. Thats past it's prime
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    Today's POTD courtesy of this video:

  19. Weird that there are still no pics, or even a mention of this version on their actual media site.
  20. I'm still really disappointed with this. It should have followed the F1 mantra and mirrored the race car. The GT3 looks stunning.

  21. What if they just called this one the MP4-12C, and called the standard version the "Low Sport"?
  22. don't ever get into marketing
  23. what?
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    was it designed for julia roberts

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