McLaren P1 performance specs revealed

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  1. Not that insane, strictly-speaking. I can recall a handful of 60-0 tests on Motorweek in the late 90's that managed to dip below 100'. And they weren't even performance cars by today's standards.
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  3. I wish I owned an econobox
  4. It's pretty insane. I have the US #'s release pdf on my home computer, but 60 mph to 0 is in 92 feet, and its braking performance is even more impressive at speeds higher than that.

    With regards to 2 discharges on the ring, the P1 uses the EQUIVALENT of 2 discharges of battery energy. So the sum of all the energy it expends from the battery is equal to double of the capacity.

    It doesn't completely discharge then regen, then discharge again.

    The battery is pretty much never empty.

    The P1's Cd with wing down is 0.34. Considering it's small frontal area, it's extremely aero. Another 280 hp on the McLaren F1 should at the very least cancel out the extra drag
  5. One thing Raging Balls will never understand is the fact that Koenigsegg, at this stage, is simply incapable of producing a technological marvel like the P1. While McLaren could pump out prepubescent cars like Koenigsegg daily. Why did I even type this?
  6. Word on the street is the LaFerrari failed four crash tests in a row before passing its latest one.
  7. I dunno about all this 240 mph stuff but LaFerrari is a stupid #$%#ing name.
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    McLaren P1 sold out

    The entire allocation of McLaren P1 hypercars has been sold

    The McLaren P1 has sold out, with the remaining few examples for sale in Europe now snapped up.

    All examples of the P1 destined for the Americas, Asia Pacific and the Middle East had already been sold earlier this year. The continued economic uncertainty in Europe has been put down as the reason why the P1 took longer to sell in Europe.

    McLaren received a sales push for the P1 in North America on the back of its appearance at the Pebble Beach after a McLaren F1 sold for $8.47 million at an auction, raising interest in the firm. Confirmation that the P1 had lapped the Nurburgring in under seven minutes earlier this month is believed to have prompted another raft of sales.

    Potential customers are now being asked to register their interest with McLaren, lest any of the existing buyers change their plans during the build process. To date, 12 McLaren P1s have been completed.

    Around 75 per cent of P1 customers have opted for some level of unique design from McLaren Special Operations, pushing the average sale price of a P1 above £1 million.
  9. Looks like I'll have to settle for the 918.

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