Me like!

Discussion in '2007 Tesla Roadster' started by CitroenSM, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. Awesome Car!
  2. Me don't like too much but I do admire Ayrton Senna
  4. this car is nice
  5. I love the car! But cannot drive this car 24/7 like a gas powered car sucks, IMAGINE driving this in GUMBALL 2007, it would totally suck!
  6. Gas-powered?....thats just gay. petrol and octane!!!!!
  7. Gas-powered?....thats just gay. petrol and octane!!!!!
  8. agreed, its accelleration from 0-60 is around the 4 second area and the top speed is not the best but when have people been able to go 130 mph on a highway? The best thing though is that this looks like a car and does not have any of those crappy designes where they make it look all futuristic. also just 300 bucks for filling up your car all year and 200 + miles per charge makes it definatly worth getting.
  9. Look at the redline! 13500 RPM! WOW!!! That car is probably loud as heck!
  10. "But cannot drive this car 24/7 like a gas powered car sucks"
    In a gumball indeed, that would be a problem. But as batteries will shrink, as future batteries will be faster filled than petrol cars, as electric engines have more torque at every speed, petrol will be redundant in future. Of course, there will be a overlap where it concerns going from petrol to electric. We are just at the very beginning of that process.
    In future, the management of a gumball rally can put a number of electric loading stations on a long route. Of course that will cost some millions, but the participants can afford that - and after the race, the electric stations can be sold to the countries.

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