Merc ML350 owners?

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by sbctimh, Sep 16, 2004.

  1. anybody?
    I assembled the inner door panels
    just wondering how those handles are holding up
  2. Find a Benz forum...
  3. ML's the biggest pieces of shit MB has EVER assembled. the 500 is a big step infront of the 350 though

    The 320/350. far underpowered, very weak brakes, crappy all around car
  4. ML55 AMG is sick though.
  5. they fell apart.
  6. they were falling apart before we boxed them, lol
  7. my dad owns one. its holding up pritty good. beats the hell out of those crappy X5's IMO
  8. wrong....x5 owns ml
  9. wait till the 2005 model comes out
  10. ditto for the x5
  11. my sister wants my mom to get one of these, but imo they look like shit
  12. G forever!!!

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