Mercedes C-Class Station Wagon First Photos

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    Mercedes C-Class Station Wagon First Photos

    Mercedes-Benz is preparing an all-new C Class to debut in spring 2007. It will be a completely new model offering standard RWD and AWD as an option. Code-named W 204, the car will be available in four different styles, as sedan, station wagon, sports coupe and convertible. The next C-Class’ styling will adopt elements from the new S Class which debuted this year.

    These photos are showing for the first time a prototype of the station wagon which is still disguised plus latest photos of the C-Class sedan.

    Power will come again from a variety of four- and newly developed six- cylinder engines. A sporty AMG version is in the pipeline, too.
  2. vroam vroam
  3. i like the c class. I prefer it to the e class.
  4. M plates on a Mercedes test vehicle? WTF?
  5. hey you're right, hum :-/
  6. How do the german plates work? Like what do each of the numbers/letters stand for? If anything?
  7. I'm hoping it looks better and is cheaper than the XC70
  8. yay they lowered the ass
  9. the first string of letters (1-3 letters till it's interrupted) tells you the city. Capital cities have one letter only, M Munich, S Stuttgart ... IN Ingolstadt (not one letter cause Munich is the capital city in Bavaria already)
  10. that makes sense...thanks
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    New Mercedes C-Class Sheds Disguise on Autobahn

    Here are some amateur shots of a rather unintended early preview of the next generation Mercedes C Class.

    When a small group of Daimler-Chrysler engineers with two test cars of the new C-Class took a turn on the German Autobahn A1 near Cologne, one of the prototypes ran into technical trouble and stalled in the middle of the emergency lane next to the shoulder. To dig deep into the innards of the top secret car, the engineers had to lift the disguise from the front end before being able to open the hood.

    And there it came to light – the all new front end styling, larger headlights and grille and a new hood. All in all the next C-class is adapting styling elements from the S-class.

    The model range will officially debut at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show.
  12. this is going to look so good
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    People will be fired for this
  14. The first I thought when seeing the pics was "Astra!", then "oh well, S-Class, I guess...or Ssangyong Kyron".
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  16. Those really look like Astra headlights
  17. I've never liked any of the previous C-Class's. And from the pictures i cant really make decision on this one.

    Looks like they've taken a few styling cues from the new S-Class..which is good.
  18. imgae by ams:
  19. Yeah, that's quite embarassing.
  20. thats probobly the first efficient camo job ive ever seen

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