Mercedes SLS AMG VS Lexus LFA

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    LFA has poor torque at 100nm/L, so SLS must also be poor, only 5nm/L better.

    In any case, here's a comparo done by Autozeitung:

    Key points:
    - SLS offers enormous power at any engine speed, seemingly never out of breath
    - LFA's engine outdoes the Merc engine for responsiveness and smoothness, screaming to 9000 rpm
    - SLS's launch control allows it to beat the LFA to 100 km/h by 0.1s (3.8 vs 3.9); by 200, they are both even
    - Cold braking: LFA 33.5m vs SLS 33.4m
    - Warm braking: LFA 32.2m vs SLS 33.4m
    - Contidrom track: LFA 1'35.66" vs SLS 1'37.50"
    - On track, the LFA is supremely stable at high speed, much more agile in tight corners, with hardly noticeable slip, fine power metering, minimal body sway
    - On track, the SLS needs to brake sooner, corners slower, works hard alternating between slight under- and oversteer under load, requires extremely sensitive throttle and steering
    - "Like a NASCAR race car [the SLS] hunts screaming about the course. The LFA dominated it in the way of a precise formula-racer."
    - Pricing is pointless, given the already sold-out series of 500 LFA. 14 LFA go to a German buyer. SLS has annual production of 3500+ units
  2. I'd take the LFA, money no issue. Not that big of a fan on the SLS's styling. Probably just needs to grow on me.
  3. Stair at it long enough and it will grow on you.
  4. It doesn't matter if the LFA is sold out, it's still overpriced. It also looks like a kit car.
  5. I didnt like the SLS even after i saw it in person, but it grew on me.
  6. You have had since 1954 to get that design grow on you. I don't think it's going to work just because the headlights are no longer round
  7. I didnt like it at first, i saw it before it was released, but after a year or two, its grown on me. Now i like it a lot, almost on par with the SLR.
  8. Not really a fan of SLS's styling. In term of looks and engine sound I prefer the LFA.
  9. Tough choice, very different cars. I'm not clear on which I like better.

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