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Discussion in '2000 Ford Mustang Cobra R' started by Mustang Cobra R, Apr 25, 2003.

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    Yeah, he's a pissoff.
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    I love the hood the most.
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    Yeah the hood is pretty sweet. I like the hoods the SVT Cobras have now too.
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    Hell yeah. I saw one of thsoe up close in the school parking lot today and that hood makes the car look powerful.
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    It gives it a totally different attitude.
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    hell yeah. Its sotra like "try me...I DARE YA!"
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    You can also get the old 70s Mach 1 hoods too for the current Mustangs.
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    Awesome. But the best lookin hood are those from the 96-98 Cobras with the two air thingy's on the sides. THose look badass.
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    Yes they do!
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    Is it just me or are you also seeing a growing number of Cobras on the road? Ahhhh, its a beautiful sight to see such a spectacular car. Now the sight is more and more common. Gotta love it.
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    Hell yeah. Today I saw a 427 Shelby Cobra in a Long's Drug Store parking lot. Black with silver stripes. Bad as Hell!!
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    Black? schweet!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I be seeing them and Roush Mustangs a lot lately. Today at the car wash I saw a 57 Vette and 63 to 67 Vette Stingray. Man, did they look beautiful. I cant remember if the Stingray was a plit rear window or not. Anyway, it looked hot.
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    My friend taunted some guy in a Saleen burning methanol (i could smell it) with his 95 Accord. Pretty funny, we just wanted to see what he could do at a stoplight. He did a wheelie... great stuff.

    This is a really powerful car. But did you say its radio and A/C were removed? Thats too bad, weight should have been removed from somewhere else. I know this is a track built car but nothing is more fun than using a track car as a daily driver.
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    Yeah I agree. I dont know if the Radio and A/C were removed though.
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    yes they were. in an effort to reduce weight the Cobra R had its stereo system and A/C removed. not the bes car for that 4 hour drive to vegas, but whatever
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    I'll just have one installed for that then.
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    But even then, the Z06 still beat it in a drag race but barely. The Z06 is smaller and has a bigger, more powerful engine.

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