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  1. I love this Ferrari Ever since Miama Vice.

    What was black Ferrari model on MV?
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    I think it was a standard one, but then again, I didn't watch it much. I hear it's still on on FX. Maybe you could watch that and figure it out.<!-- Signature -->
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    lol,Yeah that's the main reason I watched Miami Vice,just to see this car.
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    I've only seen the first two episodes so far but what I sawed the Black Ferrari was a Daytona.
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    Are you guys that off on your information?

    Neither car was a real Ferrari, they are both kit cars based on the Vette (for the Daytone replica) and the Firebird (for the TR replica).

    No real Ferrari's in the show for the main filming.
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    The Ferrari Daytona was a kit car body on a corvette but the Testarrosa was real. Ferrari of America saw the Daytona kit car on the show and didn't like seeing a fake being portrayed as one of theirs so they contacted the producers and offered to supply them with real Testarrosas for the show. I read about this on many Miami Vice Web sites.

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    Man who cares whether they were kits or not on the show, that's why it is television. But yes the two ferraris were the black daytona, and the white testarossa
  8. If you want to get real specific. Enzo supplied 2 black ones, although Michael Mann figured they would show better in night shots if they were white, therefore you see the white ones. Although you can see one before painting in the episode "When Irish Eyes Are Crying" when driven by Liam Neeson's character, which also happens to be the episode where the Daytona is destroyed.
  9. DEATH TO THE KIT CAR! I hate those replicas, although I'll admit their Daytona clone wasn't that bad. I've seen some hideous Testarossa replicas, though.
  10. Think I'd buy a Daytona kit because he price of an authentic one. Can't really beat the shit out of a real 600k+ GTS either.

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