Mid engine C8 Corvette update.

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by DIGGS, May 15, 2016.

  1. Yes you are right. I just couldn't remember what the hell it was called.
    And I knew they were evolutionary from eachother. But again just couldn't remember the details. And frankly I'm too lazy to read up on it today. Haha
  2. I did a bit of reading, and the Indy was '86, the CERV was '90

    Looking at it, the CERV does have a bit of C5 Corvette about the front styling - it may have been a bit of a design study/test for future styling direction
  3. These rumors have been flying since I was peeing the bed I ain't believing it till I see this
  4. Bad news imao. Corvette drivers don't want a mid engine vehicle, the C7 is sexy as hell and they should continue evolving the design into the C8 model. And who the hell wants to pay a base price of 80 grand? The Corvette was supposed to be a somewhat budge performance car. It doesn't need a mid engine to compete with 100 grand plus cars, it already does and does it well.
  5. it's the perception of the "corvette" brand as a high end supercar that they're going to shoot for. If you get a slice of the current Ferrari and McLaren market, even if it's small, it's a foot in the door to a much more affluent customer for GM. For a brand that was always the more affordable option compared to cars of similar performance it would be quite the step up.
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  6. And I wish they weren't going for that level. It's never really been the job of the Corvette until recently. If GM wants to compete with them, they should start from scratch and build a supercar. But really what does my opinion matter right? Ill never buy and 80 thousand and up dollar car. If GM can sell a mid engine C8 then I guess more power to em.
  7. Why start a new brand when they've got one with a loyal following and over 60 years of heritage?

    EDIT: i think they could have two models. one front engine and one mid engine
  8. Chevrolet couldn't call its fastest car anything else but Corvette, though. Much like the fastest Dodge/Chrysler would be a Viper. It's just how things are. So if GM were to make a mid-engined car without having to call it Corvette, they'd have to hand it to one of its other brands, such as riviving the Fiero (thus Pontiac as a whole) or something. Maybe Cadillac could do with a mid-engined halo-model too to bypass this Corvette name, people were going crazy for the Cien (image) in 2002 too after all. So give the front engined one to Chevrolet and the mid-engined one to Cadillac then? Just thinking marketing.
  9. I still think it's possible they will soon off corvette into it's own make like Porsche and have different variants.
  10. This is more likely from what I've been reading.
    The base and Z06 will remain front engined. And the ZR1 will be mid engined.
    But this is still just theory. Because budget and the world economy will tell us if GM will be able to handle two higher end sport/super cars.
  11. So a bit like SRT is for Chrysler?
  12. Lol no more like Porsche. I don't think Chry-iat-odge knew what they were doing with SRT.
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  13. What Moosquad said. I think that would be the best solution, hand the reins to Cadillac and let them build a supercar. Sometimes its better to settle with good enough, rather then try and take on the world with the Corvette. And whatever the design, the C8 had better be one nice car for 80 thousand dollars.

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