MiG-29 OVT

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  1. Cool to watch but not that useful in combat. Particulary with modern IR missiles and helmet mounted displays where you can attack another aircraft in almost any angle. Thrust vectoring is also hard on airframe life.

    Most combat situations require visual identification before a plane can be shoot down, which is a limitation of BVR combat. But powerful cameras can be used to identify an aircraft before it is visible to the pilots eyes. Infra red search and track is also an important development. While a stealth aircraft can reduce its radar cross section, it can't hide its heat signature and that can be detected by an infrared sensor. The lack of IRST and capable data links are two weaknesses of the F-22 Raptor.

    Also, F-35 can't supercruise. Its stealth capabilities are also not as effective as the F-22's. F-35 is mainly stealthy in the X-band, while it performs poorly in for instance the L-band.
  2. Bring back the Tomcat!!! IR/TCS FTW

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