Minecraft Town Hall (updated Jan 28-2012)

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Pierog, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. Minecraft Town Hall

    Awesome house is my favorite. Was more fun when we were working together making cool/silly stuff.
  2. Minecraft Town Hall

    lets make a gun
  3. Minecraft Town Hall

    agreed. it was fun when we had ``group projects``
  4. Minecraft Town Hall

    i totally enjoyed building the bunny ranch the most.
  5. Minecraft Town Hall

    was there ever anybody slacking off and not pulling their weight
  6. Minecraft Town Hall
  7. Minecraft Town Hall

    nobody gonna fess up? i'm gonna start wrecking shit at random
  8. Minecraft Town Hall

    my name was erased too
  9. Minecraft Town Hall

    the random names was one of the best parts.
  10. Minecraft Town Hall

    how come everytime i go to the server its just a blank map with no building or nothing, is there a new server, if so what's teh link
  11. Minecraft Town Hall

    Register first. That's how I made it work.
  12. Minecraft Town Hall

    Damn, you guys gotta realize that haters gonna hate.

    The best everyone can hope for is that someone notices someone wrecking shit and bans them. You guys gotta stop getting mega butt hurt because the people who do that shit are fishing for that exact reaction.

    Everytime I enter I do a little run and fix up any vandalism I find.
  13. Minecraft Town Hall

    unflooded it for you
  14. Minecraft Town Hall

    I erased the Y and the last leg of the second M while building the suspension bridge.
  15. Minecraft Town Hall

    Which of you guys deleted the stairway?
  16. Minecraft Town Hall

    Everyone ever, took a team effort to tear down that steaming pile of #%$gotry! <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  17. Minecraft Town Hall

    *I was not there, so I have no idea, but I am glad it is done.
  18. Minecraft Town Hall

    You guyz iz hatin.

    You should've figured out who built it and asked them they could take it down, or if not, would be it be ok if you could.

    Just because something is an enormous eyesore doesn't give you the right to destroy other people's work without purpose.
  19. Minecraft Town Hall

    oh damm whats the best way to get rid of lava? I was digging out the hole and all of a sudden it just filled with lava <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  20. Minecraft Town Hall

    what is this gheyness and why am I glad I'm not a part of it?
  21. Minecraft Town Hall

    someone keeps flooding mine and atomic's underwater viewing tunnels. like, to flood it, they have to go out of their way to remove the sponges in all the areas, and thenflood water into it.

    i can prolly fix it faster than it takes the wrecker to wreck it <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A>
  22. Minecraft Town Hall

    did someone destroy my giant staircase thing too?

    that does it. that thing was dope. i will seek revenge
  23. Minecraft Town Hall

    is anyone on now?
  24. Minecraft Town Hall

    i cant be bothered with this game anymore tbh
  25. Minecraft Town Hall

    Im glad the stairway was gone, and the floating names/letters.

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