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  1. Do any of you have the latest car and driver magazine? There's an article on this awesome Mini with a VTEC engine, with 220 BHP. The 0-60 time is 5 flat, and the 0-100 time is 11.9 seconds. It looks tight, unfortunately the article isn't online yet.
  2. does it have nawwws in it?
  3. I wonder what would be the max HP you could pump out of it?
  4. vtec sucks if you havent noticed.
  5. will it have nAWWWZZZ!?!?!
  6. But in the tiny Mini it would be good.
  7. actually, for the displacement it allows for better midrange and top end power without much of a cam profile sacrifice of choosing between one or the other.

    one company pumped out over 320hp on a K20A on 92 octane pump gas. thats over 320hp on a 2 liter motor running pump gas, pretty impressive by any standards.
  8. vtec isnt bad at all. hell porsche uses the same tech juss stepped up a bit (IVVT vs VVT). vtec is good for what it does, but its not the god of engine tuning like alot o peeps thing.
  9. What's wrong with it? It does its job of increasing fuel efficiency pretty well.

  10. meh, you get people doing this all the time. i met a guy with a Brown Mini Clubman with a Supercharged VTEC (not sure of displacement). it made the most insane sound ever
  11. You're such a nerd. You don't even know where that came from, you pedo.
  12. the stickers suck but the system is pretty good.
  13. attention: jokes about ricers are not funny, especially when they contain 'nawwzz,' so shut up.
  14. I think Toyota's VVT-i is better.
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  17. Five seconds flat sounds too fast.. How fast are Renaultsport Megane and Focus RS?
  18. RRT MINI -Mid Engine Rear Wheel Drive MINI

    Honda 1600 VTEC B16A DOHC
    Hydraulic Clutch
    Honda 5 Speed Gearbox
    RRT Chassis- includes Integrated Roll Cage
    RRT Coil Over Suspension with Performance Shocks
    WILWOOD Disc Brakes
    7 x 13 Alloy Wheels
    Yokohama A008 175/50-13
    Exterior Paint and Wheel Flares
    Interior Stock Mini
    Base Price $24,500.
    (out performs Porsche Boxster S 3.2 l in Acceleration, Braking, and Cornering and 30 MPG)
    (0-60 time 5 seconds)

    RRT “The BEAST” 280 HP normally aspirated VTEC- $9900.
    (0-60 time 4.1 seconds)
    Custom Body and Paint – per request.
    Custom Interior and Exterior - per request.

    1 Year or 12,000 mile Warranty

  19. 6+
  20. Toyota's VVTL-i, Variable Valve Timing & Lift - intelligent, is probably the best system. That's why I really want a Corolla T Sport.
  21. my mother has a matrix XR. manual.
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    I wonder how it compares to the one from the magazine, which is at .
    I hope the MPG isn't 30... unless if that's for the city, 30 MPG isn't that good. If I were to get a classic mini, I'd want at least 40 MPG.
  23. That's just VVT-i, like my Yaris.
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    30mpg isnt good for a mini 220+hp??? ok, you can take your extra 10mpg and keep your mini pushing 40hp.
  25. If it's city, then it's good, but if it's highway, it's bad.

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