Mitsubishi's 405hp EVO X FQ 400

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  1. By Tom Evans
    November 26 2008

    The latest iteration of the Evo line has been well received - especially in comparison to its arch rival, the Subaru Impreza, which has gone all hatchback on those legions of fans who like their Japanese would-be rally cars as saloons.

    MSN Cars has just had an exclusive first look at the beast that is the upcoming hot Evo - the FQ-400. And our verdict is... large.

    * GALLERY: Mitsubishi EVO X FQ 400

    Mitsubishi EVO X FQ 400 (Image © Mitsubishi)

    Seen here in concept guise, this new car is covered in new cooling ducts which we are assured are very much necessary - and not just for show-off purposes. There is also a very nifty little hole just to the right of the bonnet opener, while the air scoops on the bonnet itself are significantly more pronounced on the more down to earth - yet still fairly extreme - Evos.

    Moving to the side, check out those twin ducts just forward of the front wheels, which this time are to keep the brakes cool and functioning - and just for good measure, yet another blow-hole a bit further down the bodykit.
    Road rocket
    Mitsubishi EVO X FQ 400 (Image © Mitsubishi)

    Moving around to the back, feast your eyes on that giant carbon-fibre diffuser, and the enhanced 'vortex generator' which is the jaggedy thing on the top of the roof - all of which are designed to keep this 405hp, 400NM of torque rocketship on the road.

    The exhaust gets the special treatment too - a twin in normal Evos, these are scrapped in favour of one single fat central exhaust, Lamborghini Murcielago-style. The car gets a rather old-school sounding five-speed manual gearbox, which sounds good for power but may ensure fuel economy figures that are... not quite as good as they might be.
    Mitsubishi EVO X FQ 400 (Image © Mitsubishi)

    A 0 to 60 time of 3.5 seconds is mooted, making this car as fast as a Porsche 911 Turbo. Like all Evos it will be limited to 155mph.

    Pricing will see a hike from £38,000 for the current top-of-the-range FQ-360 to around £50,000 for this version. A UK-only special edition - us Brits just love these cars it seems - expect a formal unveiling early in 2009, with cars on the road shortly thereafter.

    Those taken with the idea of having this licence-losing rally car on their drive should drop a line to their nearest Mitsubishi dealer sharpish; since this car will be available as a strictly a limited edition run - credit crunch or not - it may be sold out before it even goes on sale.
  2. That is sick.
  3. I'd buy it.
  4. this > all the "tuned" evos
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  14. holy mother of god that is magnificent...i want one terribly.
  15. hopefully they fixed the turbo lag, or isn't worth...
  16. I wonder how much steam it's got past 120mph.
  17. cool more pics
  18. this......tuned

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