Miura or Daytona ?

Discussion in '1970 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona' started by LaMb0z28, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. wat u think?
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    UHH, this thing is HIDEOUS AND HORRIBLE, definetly Miura<!-- Signature -->
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    I'd take the Ferrari. Iknow that the Miura is mid engineed and damn fast, and in my opinoin the best car Lamborghini made, but when you get down to it Ferrari is a companny that came from a man who made race cars for a living, Lamborghini is a company that comes from a man who made tractors for a living.
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    Both of these cars are awesome, but if push came to shove, I would rather live with the Daytona. It is much more practical than the Miura (and lets face it, that has to be a consideration), and still goes just as damn hard.
    Plus it is a Ferrari.<!-- Signature -->
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    I'd go with the Daytona too. Both cars are history. The Miura was the frist mid engined road car ever, which is cool, but finding parts and someone who could work on it would be hard and expensive.
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    So you think finding parts and someone who could work on the Daytona would not be hard and expensive?
    And to answer the tread's question,I would take the Miura regardless
    of the rarity of parts and finding someone to work on it.I just can't
    pass up a Midengine car for a front engined one,unless it was a ridiculous comparison like Toyota MR2 or Ferrari 550 Maranello for example,lol.
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    Dayton definitly this car kicks ass. This was Ferrai's last front engien car. This thing could totally wast the mira. and tiger005 you suck big balls.

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    Miura or Daytona ?

    The Miura is a much more elegant car, and a lot more radical too. Mid engined and utterly beautiful. These pics are of a 450 HP SV ordered by the Shah of Iran.
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    Agree - both are history. But the Daytona is my all-time favorite car design ... so how can I pick anything but the 365GTS/4!

  11. I'm not sure what the first mid-engined road car was, but I know that Ferrari's first mid-engined road car was the 250LM, long before the Muira. Also, as the engine is aft of the front axle, I beleive technically you could call the Daytona mid-engined. It's more of a GT car than the Muira, but I wouldn't turn down either.
  12. Miura, but not by far
  13. Muira looks better, but I'll take the Ferrari: better driver!
  15. definitely daytona. not only does it have better topspeed then the miura, it has WAAAY better accleration. PS STfU tiger005
  16. Definately the miura. Its gorgeous! This is the least favourate Ferrari for me, design wise... its a matter of taste really, the front just doesnt do it for me ...

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