Miura Roadster or Miura S Jota?

Discussion in '1968 Lamborghini Miura P400 Roadster' started by AntiDomestic, Jan 20, 2003.

  1. Which would you rather have and why?
    Damn I wish I could do a poll but not enough posts yet or somesh!t!
    I personally prefer the Jota,oh and how do I get a pic by my user name any body know?
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    the Jota for sure. 0-60 in 3.6 for 1970 kicks the hell out of 6.6 in 1968. the roadster looks great, but so does the jota and the performance speaks for itself.

    as for the pic, its called an avatar. u change it by going to the manage acount page (can be accessed by the pull down bar @ the top of the page). u can then select one of many preselected pics or upload ur own off ur own computer
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    And yeah 3.6 in the 70's is F#$cking badass!
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    Me too the Jota because 3.6sec 0-60 is faster than 6.6 sec,and I also like the coupe better than the Roadster,though the Roadster is nice too.
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    I would have to go with the Jota because I personally like the coupe better, it just looks better. But the Roadster is really nice.
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    There is vast appeal to owning the "only one" of anything. Passion for an automobile is based upon so much more than 0-60 times. To here that V-12 right behind you with no roof? This car isn't for drag racing from light to light. This car is for those twisty roads in upstate New York, where all you can here is the roar of the wind, the squeal of your tires,a quartet of camshafts and those 6 Webers gobbling fuel. No contest here for me, either. I'll take the only Muira roadster in the world, gentlemen, thank you.
    By the way, when I was about 10 years old I was given every Road & Track magazine published from Volume1#1 to current, which was 1971.
    I pretty much memorized every copy. I remember seeing the article for this Muira in the 1968 issue covering the Geneva show.Too bad Ferruccio wasn't visionary enough to run with it, it was a much cooler ride than the Daytona Spyder, and I'm a Ferrari guy, so that compliment doesn't come easily.

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