mmmmm, Hemi

Discussion in '2000 Chrysler 300 Hemi C Concept' started by killer69, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Not a bad looking car. Performance is a little low, but what can I say? Hemi!<!-- Signature -->
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    This car sure has class. I wonder what it sounds like?
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    bet it sounds damn good with the dual rear exhaust that it's got in the picture.
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    if it's a Hemi it can bet anything. Hemi's ruled when they were around .
    Dodge Chrysler they both kick ass
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    I totally agree, the Dodge, Chrysler, and Plymouth hemis ruled back in the day. This is a gorgeous car, with a sh*tload of power. Daimler-Chrysler RULES!
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    hey, ya im the same guy as mopar or no car, i used to say a bunch of shit n get the admits pissed off i guess, well anyway, another comment about the way its gonna sound, hope it sounds good, if not just throw a nice set of flowmasters on it... *drools*... id buy 1 of these in a heartbeat, and relax, cruise, and ocassionaly take a mustang or somethin for fun! while smokin a cuban... hell yaa..., this car looks GREAT too, they kinda matured the 300M still maintaining its class, the ass on this car looks menacing too. Chrysler used to make such AWESOME luxery/performance cars (300's), where as hardly anybody does that anymore, im really glad their gettin back into it. The ideal car is one with comfort, and power, all in one package. This hands it to you on a silver platter, w/ gold trim <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> o god, 1 word, HEMI
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    If it went on a diet, they made it, gave it a different front end, and a pinch more tourqe I'd so buy it.
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    nothing can beat a hemi
    by the way "that thing got a hemi?"
  9. You are stupid if you think that a Hemi isn't a good engine.
  10. You are stupid if you think that a Hemi isn't a good engine.

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