Monster Sport E-RUNNER Pikes Peak Special

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    Maybe this belongs in e Motorsport forum but anyway. This thing is UGLY. But it's interesting none the less. More pictures in the link.

    Nobuhiro "Monster" Tajima owns Pikes Peak, having summited quicker than anyone else these past six years. As we told you a little while back, his 2012 ascent will take place in a battery-powered racer for Team APEV (Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles). That car, the Monster Sport E-RUNNER Pikes Peak Special, has just been revealed.

    The wraps came off this weekend in Tokyo at Toyota's Mega Web automotive theme park and, with a carbon fiber body and bubble roof, it looks pretty amazing. Unfortunately, no specifications have been released so far, but we suspect it has enough electric ponies to best his world-beating 9:51.278 record set just last year. Especially considering the path to the top will have no gravel road segments, as it has in years past.

  2. Looks hideous but fast
  3. No more gravel?
  4. Electric and no gravle. HORSESHIT
  5. It looks half ass.
  6. ive shat prettier shapes
  7. monster cable
    monster energy drink
    monster bowel movement
  8. Pikes Peak is sadly now irrelevant without gravel sections. Might as well be setting Nring lap times.
  9. i like it
    i like ugly but functional
  10. The great thing about PP unlimited was the crazy 4wd creations... with no gravel now, whats the point?
  11. Ya it must be exciting going up and down the big PP in that thing
  12. party paul?
  13. whats the other half
  14. With no gravel tey should add a category for standard supercars. Come to think, just make it a oneway tollroad like the Ring is and have it as an American Time Attack -road course.
  15. imagine how many people would just fall off the edge of the mountain.
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    I think there already is a category like that. A stock GT2 RS holds the record for street homologated sports cars since 2011.

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    No there isn't. That's a class Porsche made up. They just raced in the Exhibition class.
  18. Just checked wikipedia and apparently there's also these:

    -Time Attack 2wd - Production based 2wd vehicles.
    -HPSS (High Performance Showroom Stock) - These are stock performance vehicles with upgraded safety features.

    These seem more fitting for the GT2 RS to me.
  19. Yah those classes exist. The Time Attack 2WD record is held by Rhys Millen in a Hyundai something drifter, and the HPSS is held by a mustang IIRC.
  20. That's one ugly car.

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