Monte Carlo History(all of Monte Carlo not just SS)

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    Here is some information i put together.

    In 1970 Chevrolet introduced a car that would have the longest hood ever on a Chevy car. The 1970 Monte Carlo was born as a brother of the ever-so-collectible Chevelle. They shared the same body (GM's A-Body) and both featured Super Sport packages. The Monte Carlo was designed to be a luxury sports car, focusing on handling, control and comfort combined with sporty styling and power. The SS package (available on 1970 and 1971 models) added power to the Monte Carlo. The Monte kept the same basic body styling through 1972.

    The second generation Monte began in 1973, while it remained an A-Body car. The body got some big changes, you could still tell it was a Monte but the curves in the body were very noticeable. Also, the front end was more square, as well as the rear which was now very sloped. These cars look like something a "pimp" would drive (hey, it's my webpage) and are very flashy and cool looking. They weren't so much focused on power as they were before, during the end of the muscle car era, but these cars from 1973-1977 were luxury with lots of style.

    After 1977 came another revamp in the Monte's body. It got smaller and lighter (it still wasn't "light", though). A V6 was available and the car's body was still very evident of the traditional curves that Monte's were born with. One curve over each wheel going about half the span of the car each way, on both sides. The rear was still very sloped as well. This 3rd generation of the MC would last only 3 years.

    1981 brought about a whole new body style. The longest running body style in the Monte's short history. This 4th generation would last through 1988 and witness the return of the Super Sport (SS) package for the Monte Carlo. The new body style remained rear-wheel drive while other members of the Monte's body line (A-body) split and went front-wheel drive. The Monte would become a G-Body in 1982, but in 1981 it was still officially an A-Body or A-Special. The sloping lines on the side of the car were reduced and much less visible. The sloping rear was still evident, but not as much as it had been in past years. The Super Sports were back in 1983 in full force and remained popular until the model's cancellation in 1988. The SS's of this time are quite popular and becoming very collectible.

    In 1994, Chevy created a car on the W-Body platform, to go along with the 4-door Lumina. The Lumina is the car that originally replaced the Monte after 1988 but now there was a 2-door version of the new Luminas. They called this new 2-door the Monte Carlo and all of a sudden the 5th generation of Monte's was born. These front-wheel drive V6's bear little, if any resemblance to the car's original heritage. The body is not curved on the sides, nor is the rear end sloped. Instead, the car is simply aerodynamically shaped and looks much like a lot of the other cars available now. But you've got to remember, back when the Monte's had those outrageous curved bodies, that was the norm then, too.

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    Sweet car. Im am so pissed off that that kid insulted a Monte Carlo.

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