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  1. In an effort to bring you nothing but the finest, MotoeXotica has another outstanding Automobile....A 1974 FERRARI DINO 246 GTS. Pretty enough to stop a speeding train, The DINO came not from Enzo Ferrari;s head, but from his heart. The Dino was a tribute to the man's love for his son, Alfredino, who died of kidney disease. Aimed at the Porsche 911 buyer, the 246 Dino engine came only with 6 cylinders. Instead of a V12 configuration, it boasted a 2.4 litre V-6 engine, yet it was nonetheless capable of a very Ferrari like 150 MPH.

    With sparkling performance, small girth, and midengined layout, it handled like a Go Kart, and could be hustled around with ease. Exquisitely sculpted by Pininfarina, the 246 won worldwide acclaim as the high point of 1970's automotive styling. In its day, it was among the most fashionable cars money could buy. The rarest of DINO's is the GTS, with Targa detachable roof panel. The Dino's finest hour was when it was driven by Tony Curtis in the '70s TV Series, The Persuaders. The car was produced from 1969-1974. Only 2,487 models were ever produced and less than 600 GTS's. That's About 2 hours of Mustang production.

    Early models were constructed out of aluminum, while later models were done in steel. The Engine is a transverse mounted V6 with a power output of 195 BHP @ 5000 RPM's. The transmission is a 5-speed all synchromesh. Suspension is independent front and rear. Brakes are ventilated disc all around. Maximum speed is 148 MPH. 0-60: 7.1 sec. 0-100 17.6. MPG: 22. The car was replaced by the more angular and powerful 308 GT4, not as beautiful but more powerful. <!-- Signature -->
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    Thank You for the additional info. But is it true that Dino helped with the styling, or was it all done by Pininfarina? From what I can recall, Dino layed out the basic shape and profile, but I can not be positive. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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