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  1. OK I was looking at an M3 in a parking lot one day and I thought about how beautiful the exterior is but then again whats with the inline six, well i think my prayers were answered with the CSL concept, please god produce it.
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    whats CSL concept?
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Tickford5400</i>
    <b>whats CSL concept?</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    It's at this site, I guess. I remember seeing stuff on it once.
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    The CSL concept is a M3 with an V8 with 350 hp, but the car is 300 kilos lighter and it's a lot faster.

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    The CSL does NOT have a V8. The CSL has the same I6 with somewhat more power. The real difference is the widespread use of carbon fibre and carbon fibre reinforced plastic throughout the car.<!-- Signature -->
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    To the originator of this post: What do you mean, "what's with the inline six"? Uh, for one, it's the engine at BMW's core. I hope the inline six is in many more versions of the M3 to come. What's the big problem with inline sixes anyway? Didn't you look at the performance numbers? I suppose you're one of those people who think real power only comes from a V8. Which, I'd like to add, is pretty damn funny.<!-- Signature -->
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    the aaceleration is helerious
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    i agree that the in line 6 is bad but bmw has said that it is not going to produce the lightweight version 6 cylinder. instead they are thinking of making the lightweight m3 with the m5 v8 that they using in the racing version m3 that has been seen in the 24 hours of daytona and other races.
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    The racing version of the M3 that uses a V8 doesn't have an M5 engine. It's a new engine design that hasn't been used in another car to date. The M5 is 4.9 liters, the M3 GTR engine is 4 liters.<!-- Signature -->
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    burning rubber this is 2 u. if u think that ur lousy buick at home can do a better time than the M3, then what can i say, but i doubt it, can any car come up to 60 in just five sec, without any tune-ups or turbos, whith only 3,2 liters, let me tell ya, no they canŽt,
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    ok magnus your right. Although when they first raced this car in the 24 hours of daytona last year i remembered the announcers saying that this was an m5 engine whith almost no modifications. they probably made a mistake. sorry about the mistake but sometimes i rely on my memory instead of looking up the facts. oh and car and driver march 2002 has a cool article on the m3 gtr.

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