most over-rated car ever?

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by ajzahn, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. The fact that the McLaren F1 is winning in this poll is the most retarded thing I have ever beared witness to regarding polls.

  2. Do you have a better candidate? The F1 is a great car but it gets hyped SO MUCH.
  3. the f1 is a pos. people only remember it because it could go 390kmh.

    - it's seriously ugly
    - handles like a boat
    - 3 seats, seriously wtf
  4. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/amazed.gif"></A> kidding right ?
  5. What the #$%#? Are people seriously trying to call the F1 the most over-rated car ever? Jesus Christ.
  6. Yes, that's precisely what they're saying. And people like you aren't helping by not stating why they're wrong.
  7. Fiero, it's much worse then most think
  8. word. I cant believe how bad this car is getting disrespected
  9. 1) It won everything.
    2) It was the king of supercars for like 15 years.
    3) It has 3 #$%#ing seats.
    4) Its uber rare/valuable.
    5) Gold engine bay
    7) ???
    8) Profit!
  10. The LM certainly doesn't.

    The LM would smack an F40 silly around a track, along with most other things.
  11. nope. don't get me wrong, i really love the f1gtr/lm, but the normal f1 is ugly/overrated.
  12. 1) So has the Porsche 911...
    2) And yet many people still prefer the F40, so it's not so good to be the king, apparently
    3) Why would you want three seats?
    4) A lot of cars are uber rare/valuable
    5) Bling bling, But a Zonda F has a Titanium exhaust...
    6) Two of them are uselessly claustrophobic
    7) ???
    8) Profit!
  13. I'm certain a regular F40 would smack an F40 silly around a track, but my original point is that the F40 handles better.
  14. 2004 honda civic type R.....defianatly over-rated
  15. McLaren F1 is very disapointed about you people
  16. I wanted to vote GTR, but I picked F1.

    The GTR may be a bland, boring, toyota corolla with turbo chargers and a lot of fancy sounding shit that isn't covered under warranty under the hood, but I conceed that it has $ value vs the performace, (disputable ring times or not) if thats your thing.

    The F1 on the other hand - As far as I'm aware, no privately owned car ever came close to the supposed top speed that the lighter XP car achieved. It was widely acknowledged that it got the skittles at top speed, cracked the shits with sharp manuverability due to its short wheel base and although there is a certain gusto about a car that has a 2 minute start up sequence akin to a derelict KGB satelite preparing to drop a nuke on Khazakstan autonomously, the fact of the matter is it's not that practical having a car that needs to be flown around in a private aircraft for transmission repairs.

    Most of the records it managed only covered it for the years that it was a production car. The minute they stopped building it it lost all the records it set. It didn't even set the top speed record anyway. The Dauer was faster.

    The three seat arrangement was always raved about by 13 year old boys who figured that the cars owners would have them reserved for "two women lol" but face facts, the thing was so expensive that most of the owners were all so old they were probably doing well to have enough energy for just one woman at a time and the younger owners with the stamina would have left it at home in favour of a limo they could fill up with hookers and crank for a tail and drug cocktail shopping trip.

    And a gold engine bay covering? Are you some gangsta rapper? Is the increased thermal efficiency really enough to justify the number of times you'd have to sell a house or a kidney for a replacement because some nigger ripped off your boot lid?
  17. The McLaren F1 is completely underrated and is indeed 100x better than the best car in the world, the McLaren F1.
  18. You guys are nincompoops.
  19. I know, I thought this was a thread about naming awesome cars but pretending they're over-rated.
  20. Notice how theres not one german car on the list

    way to go ajzahn <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A>
  21. BTW I vote Boxster, im tired of seeing douches my age paying 25k-30k for a early one thinking they're the shit cause they own a Porsche
  22. I second the Boxter.
  23. The F1 can be the greatest car of all time and still be overrated because people treat it like a god.
  24. You people should even be responding to this thread. Its pure trolling by Ajzahn for more GTR hate.
  25. Okay, but how do you two guys feel about the Boxster?

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