most under-rated car ever?

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by mpg, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. I think the Renault Clio 172 is underrated downunder at least... It certainly doesn't have the same following it does in the UK....
  2. IMO, the NSX and the 3000GT
  4. I agree 100% with both of these picks. But not the regular 3000GT, it would have to be the VR4. IMO the single best of the 4 Jap super sports cars at that time (Supra, RX7, 300ZX).

    The VR4s can create sum monster #s on the dyno and are one of the best handling cars ive ever driven.
  5. Agreed, I apologize for not being specific enough, but yeah I meant the VR4.
  6. dodge stealth/ mitsubishi 3000gt
  7. Legacy GT is a good pick.
  8. i don't hate it but as awesome as it is i think it looks like shit.
  9. not many people think much of the stealth, well except for my brother, to him its the world
  10. My gripes with the 3000gt has always been cost of ownership and weight. a car that weighs 3700lbs and costs a few grand a year to drive? BMW M3? Ford GT? okay. Mitsubishi? does not compute.

    edit: correcting errors
  11. i vote R390
  12. nice choice
  14. 2006 - present Infinity M
  15. Maybe it's because I just picked one up.. but the 350z :D
  16. 2003-2004 Mustang Cobra
  17. The Jaguar XJ220 was underrated

    It's production form varied wildly from what customers had paid for and it was largely overshadowed by the F1.
  18. Porsche 959
  19. theres to many people in my area that are odsessed with it and exagerate its performance, not sure about anyone here but i say no
  20. volvo XC70
  21. No.

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