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  1. This is the very reason why forigners hate American cars, of-course most Americans hate ford, this thing most likely will have 900 recalls in the near future!!!!
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    <b> This is the very reason why forigners hate American cars, of-course most Americans hate ford, this thing most likely will have 900 recalls in the near future!!!!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    non-americans hate this so much non-americans made it the BEST selling car in the WORLD...not america but the WORLD.

    say it with me best selling car in america and in the world.

    thank you for proving urself stupid....<!-- Signature -->
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    I think it proves most PEOPLE are stupid!!, not me!!!
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    i all give you this that ford has not been on top of the game in reliability, but the truth is as everyone in automotive magazine has said, ford is under eyeglasses and everything that goes minerly wrong is said to be a problem.
    The other thing is ford right now is trying to fix anyting that might go wrong with their car, so they would stay in the good side and not have another explorer disaster(and it wasn't even fords fault). it took toyota 6month to admit that their engines had a difect and should be fixed.
    but still this car has won huge amount of award, car of the year, european car of the year, top 10 since it came out, and best seller.
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    thankyou for not arguing, like stupid people, Yes they recall
    that is good, but Chevy takes time in making their vehicles, and therefore produce something that is far better!
    That's why Chevrolet best looking concepts never make it, cause their is alot of testing done! Also Chevrolet, make differen't automobiles, their always creating new things, SSR, Avalanche, etc..

    and their SUV's, the blazer(not so safe, espeically 2 door), is now TrailBlazer and is far safer, just by looking at it you can see that!!
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    sorry there buddy, they already had to recall all General motors mid size suv because of gears going from park to neutral(in some models) and all the 4X4 are recalled because of the transfered case that has failed on them.
    acually gm has had worse stats for recalls this year and last.
    all of fords recalls have been from the models that are 2000 below. But i will agree that ford is having more recalls than GENERAL MOTORS.
    one more point because GM is not sending out some of their prototypes is because they are just that prototypes, and might have no buyers.
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    #itch, one more point you don't know $hit, Chevy is far better!

    and if you want to have your Focus SVT, best sellling piece of shit have it, it looks pathtic, Now you can not say Chevy makes ugly cars!!!
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    yes i can and i just did, stop being a little kid, i admit that my favorite company makes mistakes, but you like a boy just don't say the truth. as for the ugly car, lets see avalanche the upcoming silverado, and not to big of a fan on the SSR(not ugly though).
    and you know what i said was true. bring facts please.
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    I don't know about chevy puting an awful lot of time into their vehicals. Some things they do are goofy as hell. And how come ever chevy, car or truck I've ever been in has a stupid hump in the front passenger side floor? They cant come up with a better place to put a cat? I know someone with a 97' blazer and have drivin it, it has to be the biggest peice of shit on the road. Handles awful, ergonomics are absolutly terrible, awfully underpowered. Hate driving it. Now where as my dads K5 blazer , or Tahoe, whichever you prefer, is a very good vehical. Rides good, good power, comfortable. Both companies make cars that are better and worse than others. Chevy/GM has problems too. Look at the Aztek...christ o mighty. Go to and look up bulitins and recalls GM has as well. And going from Park to Neutral is definetly no bueno.
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    okay I do bring facts to the table, however mario, it is my opinion, that their are only to nice looking fords, GT40, and Thunderbird, Chevrolet has many amzing looking cars!!
    and everyone I've known whos owned a ford, has said these are not relaible!!
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    thanx for clearing you meant in looks. i thought you meant in everything and just wanted to point out you are wrong in that case. but looks its your choice.

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