mr2 mk2 turbo, us...does it come in targa?

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by f11111, Nov 17, 2004.

  1. does the mr2 come with a targa top, or even a t-top? it seems like a fun cheap (by being old) alternative to say, an s-2000 or something...but it seems hard to find some info on it...

    anyone have a link with options listed, interior pics, etc.?
  2. the question is, "can you find a Mk2 MR2 Turbo in the US without a T-top?" the answer to which would be "good luck." I believe almost every MR2 Turbo sold from 1992-1995 had it. The 1991's, it wasn't an option. I'll double check this for you, though.
  3. Well, you're almost right. T-top were an option for every year in both models. You are however correct that they are very common for the Turbos and outnumber the other options (sunroof and hardtop). Hardtop being particularily hard to find.

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