Murcielago vs. Saleen S7

Discussion in '2002 Lamborghini Murciélago' started by Mustang360R, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. I say the S7 is faster and handles better. That's just me.
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    same here. the s7 is a tiny bit overstyled though, especially compared to the flowing lines of the murcielago
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    Yeah the S7 would take this anyday (just look at its track record so far). However I must agree that this looks better, but the S7 was designed to be the most arodynamically perfect car ever, and to me that has a mystical engineering alure to it.
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    I'd rather the Murcielago even though it's out performed by the Saleen....And it would be great saying you own a Lambo!

    I'm not sure if I like the Saleens styling...
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    i think the porsche 1785 turbo mutli rod racket is better than both these cars..if they were put into a furnace and melted together to make one massive automobile called the salleen murcielago 1785 turbot multi rod racket thed still be worse than my f1 fighter jet parked in my driveway... i gotta go now tho i gotta take my f1 jet and race some phat cars like the mclaren f1 and than pick up mcdonalds and feed the mozabique kids
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    The Saleen is faster over all, but not really by that much. And the Lamborghini is way more refined than the S7.

    The Lamborghini Mucielago beats the Saleen S7 in 0-100-0 because the S7 needs one extra gear shift to make it to 100 than the Lambo. And the lambo has way better braking thanx to it's ABS which the S7 doesn't have. So actually I'd take the Lambo. It's more of an everywhere driven car, when the S7 is more of a track car.
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    yes, but in pure acceleration, the s7 wins over the murcielago. the S7 beats the lambo (in distance) in 1-100-0 by one foot, but loses by one tenth of a second. to me, that's an excellent job when you consider one has ABS and the other doesn't.
  8. Saleen S7 for me
  9. tough call i.t.o the looks. both look deadly, but i'd still go for the murcielago. that front end will get you any girl!
  10. I think the Saleen looks awesome, and it is faster than the Murcielago. I go for the Saleen.

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