Muscle cars rule

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    Its not that much different here in the US. THe youth here are all into that rycer crap. They care more about neon lights, gigantic spoilers, and fartcan muffers that torque, power, and heritage.
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    from where am i ? from versailles where there is a magnifiscient castle in France.It is also in my country where there's the biggest european and french american car club.It is called the american car club of france it regroups all brands and all models.
    Btw i have also russian, finnish, german and estonian roots for those who didn't know.Since i was a kid i prefered american cars.But i have family in the us who owns old cars and since i am 9 i always have read magazines talking about muscle or american cars in general.


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    Cool <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    In our country there are no muscle car clubs because there are no muscle cars :`(

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    We get the same thing here in the US, except there are a lot of muscle car owners that help keep the muscle car heretage alive.
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    I have a subsciption to Motor Trend. Its the best out there I think.
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    A couple of years ago when I was in Poland, I saw a 98 Camaro SS. It was an awsome site to see cuz all the surounding cars were very tiny.
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    Wow! An American car club in France! Thats cool!
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    I havn't gon there in a while, but thats where I usally go if I want to go see what other mustang books they are selling.
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    hi joecobra

    it is the only club there are many other american car clubs in france but this one is the most important because it is the biggest.
    i know even german and swiss muscle car and american car clubs.


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    The fact that there are American car clubs in Europe is pretty amazing. Here in America there are a lot of Rycer import car clubs, and many different Euro Car clubs. The Muscle Car and Hot Rod car clubs are still going pretty strong over here. There's a lot of huge Corvettes and Mustangs car clubs here too.
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    yep and in france there is a mustang car club de france and a corvette club de france the equivalent of the national corvette club in the us.


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    Wow, Versailles, lotsa history went down there. The Tennis Court oath for example, which basically was one of the factors that ignited the French Revolution (Im trying to sound smart here, hehe :D). What kinds of cars did your family here own exactly? Charger? Challenger? Cuda? Camaro? El Camino? Fairlane? Torino? lol.
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    What country are you from again? Western Russia? Wow, a country without Muscle Cars is like, well, I cant think of anythin that drastic (no offense).
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    Yeah, MT is a pretty good magazine. Not that biased (though a little biased) as compared to say EVO.
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    Yeah. The 40th Mustang Anniversary is goin on right now in Nashville Tennessee this weekend. In the three days its expected to bring in a total of 200,000 people i think I heard. But I bet they'll get even more than that.
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    hi master cobra
    i have family in us in texas and in ny.My last trip to the us was in 1999.Here are some cars i remember well that my family in the us owned and still owns.The part of my family who lives in ny has a 1967 imperial crown le baron sedan,a 1968 charger r/t with 440, a 1970 imperial crown le baron coupe (engine was in restoration so was interior and upholstery) and a 1968 ford fastback mustang gt with a 428cj baught in a barn in very very average condition.The other part of my family in texas has a 1970 cadillac eldo with lot of miles 122000,1970 cadillac fleetwood with low miles and 1970 chevelle ss not sure about the engine don't remember if it is a matching number 396 or a crate 454 plus the inteior needed a resto as far as i remember.
    My uncle who lives in switzerland in Lausanne had two cars a 1960 imperial crown lebaron southampton sedan that he sold 4 years ago.It was one of the nicest luxury sedans ever built due to exner's design.The other car he still owns is a 1969 charger r/t that he baught new in switzerland.That is all i remember.
    And you master cobra what cars do you or does your family own? mustang cobra r, lincoln continental markIII, mercury cyclone spoiler, ford torino cobra, ford t bird, ford ltd, mercury marauder x100 tunnel back coupe ?

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    TO MasterCobra:
    >>What country are you from again? Western Russia?
    Well, it's not Russia, but it is near it. My country is Belarus. It is situated between Russia and Lithuania, near Poland , near Estonia.
    I live in Minsk, which is not far from Moscow (approx 750 km)...

    Btw, I have seen chevrolet monte-karlo (approx 76?) in Minsk. It's beatiful. And AFAIK, here is only one ford mustang 1965. Yeah, this car rule!!!
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    Wow, thats a VERY impressive list, especially the 68 and 69 Charger R/T's. I envy you.

    My family isnt real big on cars. All i know is that my cuzin has a yellow Mustang (from what I've heard, never seen it myself) and my aunt has a 70-somethin Stang (I'm hoping its pre-1974.) My dad had a 79 Mustang which he bought used but it was a 4-cylinder model so it was weak and it also had alot of problems. Not as much as his 88 Bonneville had, but still, alot of problems.

    "mustang cobra r, lincoln continental markIII, mercury cyclone spoiler, ford torino cobra, ford t bird, ford ltd, mercury marauder x100 tunnel back coupe ?"

    I WISH! Cobra R, yeah, thatd be pretty sweet. But yeah, I LOVE the Marauders. 300 horses in a full-sized family sedan. Thats REAL muscle there.
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    Well, no offense to you at all by this, but I assumed you were russian sorta by your english. But I guarantee you that if I spoke your native language I'd #$%# the hell out of it, lol.
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    the 73 stangs are nice. they were the latest big stangs but i love them. there were no more big block available after 1972 but you can still buy a ford svo-svt crate big block engine.The new marauders are exactly the type of sedans i like.


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    Yeah, but ironically the 73s had the weakest V8s but were the heaviest and largest Mustangs ever.
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    To Master Cobra:
    <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
    You have guessed right - my native language is Russian and Belorussian a bit <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    Btw, IMHO the 70 (may be 68 also)-73 `stangs are the most beatiful.
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    Oh, I agree. There's this one aqua blue 71-73 Mustang somewhere about 4 miles north from where I live. I've seen it roam the streets there numerous times. Its a HUGE car...but incredibly beautiful as well. It's engine can be heard from a block away if its in the high RPMs. Its a sweet sweet car. I dont think it's a Mach 1 though cuz it didnt have the Mach 1 paintjob. But yeah, those are some beautiful cars. Its sad though that those 71-73 Mustangs only got weaker every year.
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    there were mach 1 stangs in 1971 some of them were by 429 cobra jet only 1019 of them had this motor but otherwise i agree that the best stangs are the 64-73



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