Muscle cars rule

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    BTW, explain me please, what does it means "Ram air"...
    And, what is the differense between mach1 stangs and other stangs <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    ram air it was a hood with a special induction that allowed to the carburettor to receive more fresh air so it helped to the carb to provide a better airflow to the engine and by this way a better combustion in the engine at high rpms.ram air was available on fords and on pontiacs


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    To clarify on all this, the Mach 1 was introduced in 69. It replaced the Mustang GT (not really, just in name and paint scheme) as an attempt to get people re-enthuiastic in Mustangs. It seemed to have worked.

    Ram air is basically a special type of air induction where extra is provided to the engine via hole(s) in the hood that are either hooked up to the carb flow or not. Modern Ram Airs usually arent hooked upm to the air induction system, its just the hood with a few holes in it. Ram Air is generally applied to hoods that have two separate entry ports for air. Shaker Scoop is the term applied to hoods than have one, but where instead the extra air is directly hooked up to the carb and the connection sticks out of the hood. In esence, the names can be swapped, but thats just how they're applied. Also, Ram Air options came on almost every brand of Muscle Car. Pontiac (GTO, Ford (Mustang, Torino), Dodge (Challenger), and probably one of the Chevy cars as well. Im just too lazy to check now.
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    disagree about mopar they were fitted with ramcharger induction hood not ram air
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    Thats a lot of nice cars. I used to own a 97 Ford Escort Lx. A year after I sold it, I bought a used 99 Mustang GT for $13,000 dallars. It only had 45,000 miles on it at the time. I kicked it up to 70,000 miles now. Someday I would like to own a 70 Hemi Cuda and a classic 65 or 66 Mustang Fastback. Something to cruise around in not looking to burn rubber everytime. A lot of my uncles back in their days, they used to cruise around in the 1956-58 Chevy Bellairs. Now they all have Harley Davidson motorcycles and go to these biker clubs. I'm trying to talk my dad into buying a Harley so he can go cruise with them.
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    Which Mustangs had the Clevend 351 V-8s? Weren't they the Mach 1's?
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    the 1955-57 bel air and nomads are among my favorite chevies. they are very nicely designed, there are a lot of fans of these cars in France.If i had to buy a car i will go for a charger r/t or a plymouth gtx or a 70 chevelle ss, but these cars cost money.Maybe in some years.The 73 stang with 351ci engine was a mach1.


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    10xx for explanation <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    IMHO, Plymouth Fury (1958) is also beautiful. AFAIK Stiven King wrote about it in his "Christine" ...

    BTW, what are your favorite cars?
    As for me, I could not decide <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
    May be 70-73 stang... or may be 65 ?
    Or may be dodge demon? Or plymouth duster? ... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    there are too many cars i like. but i would say in all honesty that the charger r/t is my favorite.with 440 or a 426hemi i don't car, this car is a classic.Maybe the most beautiful muscle car ever designed.About the stang i would go for a 68-70 the best years with the best engines (390ci, 428ci cobra jet and super cobra jet, 429ci boss and 302ci boss engines).The dodge demon and the plymouth duster are two nice cars, you can of course always souo their 340ci motor or even replace it by a new 440ci magnum.many things depends of what you like.


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    the 351 came available on the 69-73 Mach 1 Stangs if I'm correct. They also came available in the Boss 351s, or, atleast 351 engines. Im not sure if they were 351 Clevelands, but they were 351s.
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    the 351 you are meaning are the windsor engines another type of 351 ci engine. the boss 351 ci engine was only available in 1971. the 1971 boss stabng is now a collectible.
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    yeah, thats right. the cleveland plant stopped production of their 351s in 70 I think.
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    i didn't remember when the production of the 351ci stopped but i think it was in 1973.
  14. american muscle car rules and win every time. nothing like a big, awesome and #$%#ng burnout whit a big block muscle

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