must be fast

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  1. 310hp

    very good
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    I saw one of these in a tent on display at a race. The one I saw won Sebring in 1963 and was probably the most valueable thing in the tent. It sat alongside a Toyota Eagle MKIII (No.99), a Ford GT-40 MKIV, a BMW V12 LMR, Porsche 962 LeMans, a Porsche 917K, and several other cars with race histories. I'm not exactly sure what the top speed is but it was fast enough to win Sebring in 1963.
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    That's one row of cars!
    Then this car must also be a great one.
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    hmmmm...very good styling, and power but as I look at it I see hints of the 1964 250LM, (specially towards the rear quarter panels, and the flare behind the driver)
  5. Quite possibly the best looking Ferrari ever made. Actually, the 250LM was the road-going version of this car, although quite a few 250LM's saw competition in various guises.
  6. nice car

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