My car can beat this

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  1. My Dodge Neon 'Vessel Highlander' has 812 HP.I upgraded my dohc engine with air intake, pacesetter header, matrix exhaust too KlasPoR-2 which has 6 turbo's, with intercooler system, mopar computer upgrade, afx underdrive pully, nitrous works, pacesetter header, borla ex,bored throttle body, valve jop, iceman coldair twin turbo inline 6, nt ecu with interchaning chips, tanabe racing medalion exhaust system, nos nitrous kit hks evc iv boost controller, greddy turbo timer, greddy pulley kit, grex forged piston kit, hks cams, jun titaniam valve springs, jun racing valve retainers, jun racing valve guides. unorthadox undrive pullet set, greddy street perfomance exaust, ti fuel system, blitz sus air intake system, apex i neon front mount intercooler, turbo inline-6, nt ecu w/intrchng chips, tanabe racing medalion exhaust system, nos nitrous kit, hks evc iv boost controller, greddy turbo timer, greddy pulley kit, grex forged piston kit, hks cams, jun titanium valve spring retainers, jun racing valve guides, unorthodox underdrive pulley set, greddy street performance exhaust, t.i. fuel system, blitz sus air intake system, apex`i neon front mount intercooler, siznot hydrolics, the razzi body kit, jsp wing w/led, altezza tail lights, gibson squared exhaust tips, washer jet leds, xenon hid hyperwhite bulbs, 6-speed sequential, act street clutch kit, hks hiper damper suspension kit, front & rear cusco carbon fiber strut tower bar, blitz gauges, sillen cross drilled rotors & sillen brake pads, front: 18x9. rear: 45.7x27.9 - 18.0 x 11.0, sony es cdx-m770, 10o disc changer, 2x mtx rfl152 15" subs, 2x kicker resolution r25 tweeters, 8x sony mobile es speakers.

    Stats with four people in the car:
    0-60 mph = 2.1 Sec.
    0-100 mph = 3.4 sec.
    1/4 mile = 9.9 Sec.
    BHP: 812
    Max Speed: 281 MPH in 41 seconds with four people in the car -total weight of passangers: 581 pounds. (it could go faster but tires started to melt)
    Lateral Acceleration: 0.99g

    Other: This car can exceed up to 281 MPH in 41 seconds with four people in it and a 0-60mph in 2.1 seconds, it's claimed its victory as a ten second car. The car's Curb Weight is 2300 pounds but we tested it when it was 2800 pounds(four people).

    Stats without the four people(1 driver):
    0-60 mph = 1.99 Sec.
    0-100 mph = 3.1 sec
    1/4 mile = 8.29 Sec.
    BHP: 812
    Max Speed: 291mph, yet again the tires started to melt.
    Lateral Acceleration: 0.99g

    I have a garage and im going to transform it itno a production factory making over 3 dodge neons a year!

    The redline is 8500 RPM. I put a $500,000 modification on this car. and sell it for $80,000 The chassis of the neon is made entirely of Cytec Aerospace carbonfibre, which weighs 100 pounds. This car picks up the chicks like crazy. It's probably safer then VOLVO! inside the car is as if your in a bentley it's not crowded at all! it's got heated seats and everything or more then a bentley has. This car can take on the McLaren and drag racers, funny cars, you name it. Everything is legal on this car, the exterior has a picture of me on it giving the thumps up, The POWERFUL V6 2.0 letre is sounds phenominal, it runs like a butterfly and stings like a bee. The transmision is smooth and doesn't fight, the turning is instant, power windows, power seats, it basicly is everything and anything a regular joe needs.
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    Weekly News:

    My Super-Sonicex Hydrolics were taken out because i was bored, and I added Super-Aresenic StaGe 2 Upgrade, This is 3 gram's lighter, but 30 grand more, the production cost is still $80,000. I added a DVD centre with surround sound 13 inch sony plasma screen, secureFX vibrating chairs, RandumIV extra tint.
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    Weekly News:

    NASA came too gaze at the car and study it, it's got leading technology on it, and I agreed that they can take idea's and add it into their space shuttles. The cars it beat this week inclued(1/4 mile), PT Brusier, McLaren F1, Dauer 962 LeMans, Koenigsegg CC 8S, Legally, and I raced Dodge Viper RT/10, Corvette Z06, Dodge Viper GTS, Bentley, A jet, illegaly. I won all of them. The upgrades this week were a new system too cool off the tires because they melted too fast, right before the drag race, I put in a product I invented called H2-Mo-3 It's a element I made up that reverses the heat/cold to the degree of 20 degrees at all times. You simply enject it into the tire were the air goes in 1 minute before the drag. I'm planning too add more ExZap NOS.

    Stats with H2-Mo-3 One driver with nos:

    0-60 mph = 1.98
    0-100 mph = 2.93 sec
    1/4 mile = 4.91 sec
    1 mile = 9.82 sec
    BHP 1089
    Max Speed: 369 the tires did not rip off it was switching between 369 and 368 for ten minutes.

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    Weekly News:

    Added "Neon to the Xtreme" and "Neon on Racing" on the back bumper. turbopistons with low compression, turbomanifold, turbo electronic, intercoolers left and right in engine compartement, gearbox- and engine-cooling in rear, naca-inlets, metal-kat, suitable for road and track, Hem4 steering pump, Hubble Em4 alarm, keyless entry installed, added Hummers famous 'CTIS' central tire inflation system, but not only does it give oxygen it gives H2-Mo-3. This add's 3 pounds but it's worth it. Installed heated windows, Msec black window wipers.
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    I think you're FOS<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> I bet a stock Mini Cooper S would beat it in the 1/4 mile. again <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    ahaha, nice car, haha. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A><A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    EXcellent humour!
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    Weekly News:

    I took everything apart, took out all the interior and added lawn chairs for maximum weight reduction and racing style, I made my own wooden spoiler from scrap peices of wood, redid the exhaust with my copper pipes, took out the engine added a saturn engine with over 300,000 miles. It runs... rather okay then great, I also took out the speakers and put headphones instead. The new times are:

    0-60 MPH: 13 seconds
    0-100 MPH: 52 Seconds
    1/4 = 75 sec@112 MPH
    1 mile: N/A
    Top Speed: 112 mph
    Curb Weight: 3813 pounds

    The weight reduction/new engine was a big failure, i must be dump. I call it a Dodge Neon.
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    The car has stickers that say Saturn Racing all over it, it also has stickers that say NOS even though it doesn't have nos. I currently put the sybol, I put a kia transmission in it, the new suspenssion is over 100 years old! what a classic! I took out the head lights and installed christmas lightbulbs for MAXIMUM weight reduction/engergy reduction/ I took out the air conditioning, electric windows. This car is equal too the luxiurious of a F50 or a Cobra R! but with 8 times less the power! I'm asking for $192,962.27 American. This is the nicest car anyone probably seen! It's definitly bang i mean pos for buck!
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    The ironic thing is: it's likely better than a production neon now <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Weekly news:

    I've bought a 95 Civic for $200 from a local 16 year old with 231,918 miles on it, it needed a new paint job so I went to my local house ware store and bought some house paint. I picked dark red and I also got white house paint to make racing stripes. I painted the car with regular paint brushes and some rollers, I coated it red 3 times. Then I took some tape and I eye balled where the lines should be, and I made me two stripes kinda in the middle. Note: Messure before painting, I did a big mistake. This job took me about 3 hours with a friend. The new paint job looks meaner and agressive. It's cheap ($31) and well worth it. Next stage was too redo the back seats, the back had stains of vomit, gum, you name it, I cut some sheets with purple flowers so it would mold over top of the stains and such. I got my mother too stick the logo "Civic Racing". The front seats were taken out and replace by titainium lawn chairs. These chairs are lightweight and give optimum performance. I took out the speakers, took out the AM/Radio for lightweight performance. I went to my local chevrolet dealer and got some Rear Brake Ducts from a Z06, and added it on my Civic, It gives the civic a nicer look but does absolutly nothing. I added a BIG METAL spoiler on the back so it goes slower but it has better downforce. I redid the exhuast and put copper pipes instead. I was really pleasured by the "electrical" sound the civic gives, I took a peice from my vacume cleaner for a exhaust tip. it looks SHAZAM! It's got four exhaust tips and believe me it looks so fast! I went to the engine and spray painted the engine so it looks good, believe it or not, the paint bubbled off and slightly, slowly ruining it's performance! Every time I Drive steam comes out of the roof, and comes through my air conditionair, it stinks like burning hair. I went to home depot and bought some hubs for my Civc, I picked the plastic chrome looking hubs with fake break disk's and calipers. It looks nice! I put a alarm system on from my ford windstar because almost everyone wants to seat it! when ever I go into a store and park my car I always put my windowwipers up so it showes on the windsheild it's sweet. I went to a drag strip and.....

    0-60: 17.23 sec
    0-100: not acomplished
    1/4: 71.91 sec @ 99 MPH
    top speed: 99 mph
    curbe weight: 2900 pounds
    Dyno tested at: 112 HP!
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    weekly news
    your a liar!
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    Lmfao, This Guy Is Funny...
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    Weekly News:

    I found a Z06 in mint condition with 22 miles on it on a ditch, with the car off with the keys on the seat. I was supprized someone would leave a car like this with the keys inside. I took it home and went straight to my gradge. I wondered what I should do... So I took out my civics' engine, and put the civic engine in because I love the electrical sound of the civic, I thought.... maybe I should put the left over Z06 engine into the Civic, after 12 hours of work, I finaly found out the Z06 engine would never fit into the civic, so I started to works on the Z06 again. I took out the bucket seats and put in a recliner chair for the passenger side and a computer chair that rotates 360 degrees for the driving side. All this work took me a 72 hour long trip.... I've been wondering what else I should do with the vette. Anyone want to submit any ideas? I am looking forward to chaning the exhaust too have 12 exhaust tips comming from underneeath thee door and about 20 exhaust tips comming from the back. I am looking for weight reduction ideas and such. I also Want some performance tips.
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    This shoud make your car lighter.... rip off the roof, the only problem is that you can drive in the rain.
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    he thinks we believe him, wot a willy!
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  18. Re: My car can beat this

    Someone is totaly oblivious what a pun is.
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    Remove the Lug Nuts and shifter knob, they're just xtra weight.
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    Take out the master cylinder while you're at it. You know how much that thing weighs?

    I think you should also buy a giant cowl hood with a mean looking scoop despite the little technicality that civic engines suck their air in from a hose running down the passenger side of the engine compartment. If you're short of money, don't worry. You could easily make your own if you set your hood down on a coupla cinderblocks and hammer around it.
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    Weekly News:
    Shut up
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    Weekly News:

    While going at 30-40 MPH on gravel road my car started to fishtale and crashed. I was on a bridge and it crashed into the water. The current of the water BLEW IT UP! and I was lucky to be alive. Now im in debt and im not going to be able to finish this great jurny of Modifiedcars. GOOD BYE.
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    I have a penis.
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    lol read all his posts, damn this guys funny lol
  25. Don't talk shit. I've seen a dodge neon and it's a blady family car, not a supercar. And putting $500 000 of effort in the engine and only selling it for $80 000, you're not going to make a profit at all. I've been in an Enzo tuned to the max and it only reaches 246.5 mph and reaches 60 mph in 2.6 seconds.


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