my faith in america has been restored

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  1. Haha. When I saw someone say 'the learning channel' I thought this video would be something to do with convincing us all about the truth that is creationism.
  2. lol i remember when people respected TLC

    so sad
  3. i bet that house smells terrible
    when i have customers that look like that, i just know that their cars will smell like old food, bo, and stale cigarettes
  4. isn't tlc called the ladies channel?
  5. yuck!
  7. should be but it's serious the learning channel. when i was a little kid they used to run a lot of nature and educational shows. now it's just reality shows about white trash.
  8. Watching this was as painful as a kick in the sack, of course I did see this creature at an asian seafood buffet...
  9. PBS is fantastic
  10. lol it's aimed at girls here so i thought it was the ladies channel haha
  11. sad
  12. did anyone pay attention to their ages?

    dude was banging a 15 yr old balloon when he was 23
  13. her mother gives her a bottle of mountain dew with half of it poured out and replaced with red bull. so searching around youtube and this child has been on at least 3 reality shows and a talk show. the mother is obviously jacking her up and letting her act sassy to get on tv.

    this is actually pretty disgusting exploitation of a child and should honestly be illegal.
  14. that's disgusting. should be banned from eating in restaurants
  15. lol is this what americans are actually like ?
  16. Obviously not. They're just being shameless attention whores and the networks can't say no to that.
  17. It pretty much is. Both Discovery and TLC used to have a ton of science documentaries on say, astronomy, space science, biology, and so on. For awhile they slowly transitioned into shows about robots fighting eachother, people making things out of junk, explosions, and how very big things are made. And okay; if you're trying to get 12 year olds interested in something that's one way to do it. Discovery is pretty much all slow-motion explosions at this point, and TLC has transitioned into drama-filled estrogen reality.

    NOVA, Horizons, and The Nature of Things are all still running though. I'll start mailing bombs when the last one of them is canceled, I think. [edit: although Horizons has been dumbed down recently]
  18. all buffets should be closed

    hey are thosecrab legs
    look good maybe
  19. im not convinced
  20. Neither am I.
  21. One Australian channel which shows a lot of international content broadcasts PBS's NewsHour. Good program.
  22. newshour is perhaps the least biased source on television here

    other people's money...

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