My first ride in a Supercar

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by SirShiftAlot, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. My dads friend came by to check out his Road Runner that he finally finished after about 6 years, and he drove up in his all red 1997 Dodge Viper GTS. He took me for a good ride, he didn't go crazy, just a couple realy fast straight line launches. I never accelerated that fast before. Wow that car is fast. He said he got a 12.7 1/4 mile time recently, the car only had new air intake pipes besides that its completely stock. The only thing I did not like too much about it was the interior quality was a bit shabby. One thing that was kinda cool was that from the inside it sounded alot like my car, just louder, and also more mean and powerful at idle. He was saying that his wife wanted to drive the Viper but he didn't think she could handle it, soo he bought the RAM SRT-10 soo she could drive that around. LOL
  2. I wouldn't consider a Viper a supercar
  3. Yeah, but it's not a car that you see everywhere.
  4. I do.
  5. I see them a couple times a week.
  6. But it performes like one
  7. 2003-04 SRT-10, yes. 1997 GTS, no.
  8. maybe
  9. Hey everyone, why don't you post pics of your Vipers.

    Yeah that's what i thought, shut the f*ck up.
  10. The 1997 Viper GTS didn't even have ABS.
  11. so I guess the s7 isint a supercar either
  12. Neither does the S7 ass face.
  13. you're all retarded.

    the car has 450 horsepower. It's faster than your collective corollas.

    "meh. viper. meh." Shut up.
  14. its still not a super car ...even if it has 450 horsepwer car has more horsepower than an elise but there is no way it is going to go head to head with it .. a super car has to have a combination of things horspower is one of them but not the only prerequisite.
  15. That is a good thing. ABS increases braking distance.
  16. Still a damn nice car, try and get pics next time.
  17. Ya, I mean, how silly call an SRT-10 a supercar when all it does is perform like one without the super price to go with it.
  18. srt 10 is a different story ..better performace all around ..not just straightline
  19. not that the GTS was just a quarter mile king and nothing else either.

    I think what really sets Supercars apart, aside from their great performance and unique appearance is that theyre not made in mass quantities, it makes them that much more desireable and special.

  20. i think what makes a super car is performace compaired to other cars I think even the viper is on the cusp of super cars in respect to the s7 CGT Enzo Slr ect the more cars that can outperform it the less super it is ...

    if I were to think of a formula it might be

    best handling
  21. I agree with this man.

    But I don't have a Corolla... yet.
  22. The GTS is defenetaly not a supercar but I know 1 thing ABS does, keeps you from wrecking.
  23. Let's just agree that it's a lot cooler than the average car and stop with the stupid technicalities, this guy had an awesome day and wanted to share it. Why the hell are people complaining?
  24. I would
  25. Neither did the F1, is that not a "supercar"?

    Even still, I kind-of agree that it's just one step behind the "supercars"

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