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  1. Who wouldn't want this car?<!-- Signature -->
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    Have a friend take you out in one and see how much more you want it! After a ride in one i love it so much. I;ve always loved ferraris, they are my favorite car. But once you experience the sound and feel you will want one. That wasnt even the fastest car ive ever been in, ive even driven faster cars, but it was amazing. As a side note, if u are in the NYC area, i can arrange a ride in one. This guy is realy cool and even let me drive his NSX (fun, but SLOW). HE also took me out in his lotus esprit sport 350. Ferrari is why im going to college, so i can get $$ and buy them, let it do the same for you.
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    No offense but a NSX is just as fast if not Faster than(Testarossa not 512TR) this,lol.
    And also I gotta admit i'm jealous,I never even been inside a Ferrari letalone be driven in one,Life is so sad-sigh-
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    My guess would be a freaking idiot.This car is awesome.
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    yeah but nsx isnt like a ferrari its not as deired,but anyway for christmas this year me and 3 otheer people are renting one for a day and drive it down my uncles farm and do burnouts in it and tape it pretty cool dont you think?

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