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  1. I was on hand for the LA stop of this year's Gumball Rally and snapped these shots for you guys. They left San Francisco at noon, so we figured cars would begin arriving between 5 and 7pm, but due to getting pulled over, and Southern California traffic, most cars didn't arrive until 8-10pm. They'd closed down a block of Hollywood Blvd right in front of the Kodak Theater and had space for all the cars to park.

    I didn't think to bring my external flash as I didn't think I'd be shooting into the night, so not all pics are great, but overall, given the circumstances, I'm reasonably happy with them.

    There was also a group of about 50 display cars that weren't part of the Gumball, and were on display just during the LA leg of things. Non-decalled cars are from the display show.

    But once the Gumball cars showed up, it was pretty awesome. The highlight for me was Max's XJ220S, the 2nd one I'd seen, and still the most beautiful supercar ever made IMO. I also loved seeing the Gumpert, even if it was ugly as sin, and the chrome wrapped Gallardo from Dubai also turned plenty of heads.

    The Paparazzi went insane when David Hasselhoff arrived, but other celebs like the Jackass guys, and Tyson Beckford mostly avoided them.

    Here are the pics...
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  3. Nice, thanks for sharing, looks like a blast... so many awesome cars. I love the flat black GT, its so badass!
  4. whats that white truck, last pic?
  5. It's a custom Jeep with a Hemi in it.
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  7. That red Bus and blue Mustang are sweet.
  8. Cool stuff, thx
  9. Orange Bus and purple Mustang...
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  11. Sweet, I really like that pearl white Espirit
  12. This is the first thing im doing if i ever get rich lol
  13. Whereas Gumball costs $120K to enter, you can do the Bull Run for like $5K.
  14. Gumball is really $120k? Wow. Bullrun is $20k, BTW.
  15. Yeah. I figure it costs a decent amount to fly the cars all around the world. They are basically renting 4 or 5 planes to ship everyone and their cars.

    A lot of cars are getting sponsored now. It was all just rich people in ferraris/lambos when it started but now its mostly people with connections to companies that want to get their name seen. Overall, the quality of cars has really changed.
  16. For the better? Or worse? There are definitely some super impressive cars there. I was bummed it didn't come through the area. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  17. Sadly for worse. I was there 2 years ago for the Vegas stop and the cars there blew away the ones i saw at the Huntington Beach Stop this year, if i can get pics off my phone i'll post them here.

    In 06 at the Vegas Hard Rock stop i saw multiple Enzo's, SLR's, Carrera GT's, Noble's, an F50 and an F40, and the list goes on and on.

    This year there was 1 Enzo (which i didnt stick around long enough to see), 2 CGT's, 1 SLR, and a bunch of Porsche Turbo's F430s and Lambo's (i see those cars weekly since im down the street from Newport Beach which is home to many a lower end Ferrari and Lambo's)...not a bad line up but nothing like it was back then.
  18. Now I can see why the cars are all sponsored.
  19. There's also an XJ220, Scuderia and Apollo. All of which I'd consider pretty impressive cars.
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  21. yes those were very nice to see actually, i must have missed the Scuderia...didnt see it (probably didnt arrive when i left).
  22. That XJ220 is about 10x more impressive to me than an Enzo, SLR, and CGT put together. Maybe it's that I see the latter pretty regularly, but I just don't go crazy for most super/hypercars anymore. Besides, maybe people have just realized that hypercars aren't the best way to drive 3000 miles in a week. Realistically, out on the freeway, a 911 turbo, AMG Benz, etc. is going to be just as fast and MUCH more comfortable.

    The XJ220 though, is the most beautiful supercar ever made IMO.
  23. man gumball has some sick cars, i pray they come to Vancouver or near Vancouver one day.

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