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  1. 1) Looks like a great project.

    2) You have a lot of work to do (which seems like fun honestly.)

    3) The LSx motors have their place and they are damn hard to beat for a high performance streetable all around motor so please check your fan boy crap at the door.

    4) There is always someone faster, so quit showing your arrogance.

    5) We all have projects we want to do, so keep your bragging to things you've already accomplished instead of what you plan on doing.

    6) No one cares about your accomplishments if you are arrogant and cocky about it. Especially with the goals you are setting (see #4.)

    With that said, good luck on your project.
  2. Noobvette LOL!!
  3. I've tested the pressure above and below the car with an instrument I borrowed from a friend who build aerobatic aircraft. The pressure above the hood is substantially higher than the pressure under the front trunk. The pressures above and below in the rear are about equal. There is a little difference between the fluid dynamics you touched on in 9th grade IPC and true aerodynamics. Keep flaming, Junior. I think somebody said I wasn't running 14s when I started this thread.
  4. Don't know why the triple posting occured. These forums most be powered by "LS-1 bulletin v4.01"...LOL Way to go GM.
  5. > MR2

    also, the GM engine is LS1, not LS-1. Thanks.
  6. Will you make some sense please?
  7. I'm making plenty of sense.

  8. I hate to burst your bubble but fluid dynamics apply to all fuids. Guess what air is? A fluid. The beauty of physics is that in the end it really does boil down to simple mathematical equations. Those "fluid dynamics you touched on in 9th grade IPC" are basically all that are at work here. Now, before you make any more outrageous claims about your grasp of aerodynamics and the stunning things you are doing to your car, you might want to go back to 9th grade IPC and brush up on the basics. You hacked a useless vent into your car. If your car could do 150+mph, I would say you've made a genuine improvement to your car. Unfortunately, your car can't go that fast, so the only thing that hideous crevasse in your hood is doing is making you look like an entirely new breed of r!cer.
  9. Can you give me any numbers? Can you show me where the transducers were located?
  10. Reducing lift and downforce are the same thing.
  11. Really? I would have sworn that downforce was a force acting downward, and that reducing lift was merely minimizing the upward push (or pull) that air exerts on the car. I honestly don't know though. Either way, I remain highly skeptical that his carefully crafted Le Mans-style aerodynamic effects do much good at the speeds he's attaining in that car.
  12. I don't know about this dude's car, but I know the Border hood and radiator bracket (similarly designed, albeit much better looking) decrease lift significantly on the SW20.
  13. this is a highly amusing thread.
  14. I agree, some of these high school kids get all bent outa shape if you claim that your car is faster than their present form of transportation (the school bus, or short bus in the case of AMGgurl)...LOL (I love you AMG, I'm just funnin)
  15. your indeed correct on that one... but then the SW20 Turbo can get 101mph on the 1/4 mile as standard...

    As for the mk1 project... unless you want just a straight line machine the 3SGTE is too heavy for the car and will really unbalance the motor.

    The SC is the way to move forward or a V6 from a camrey engine which is in fact lighter than the 3SGTE block. Then throw a SC on it and bobs your uncle.
  16. "unless you want just a straight line machine the 3SGTE is too heavy for the car and will really unbalance the motor."

    No, not really.
  17. There have been a few done here in the UK on the forums and the general consensus is that it does mess up the great balance of the mk1...
  18. Yeah, tell Orville and Wilbur (wright) that an airfoil only works at 150+ mph. Tell the aerodynamics engineers at Lotus that the Exige doesn't make 10X lbs of down force @ 100 mph on each end (there ain't no wing on the hood, Bub). Where are the wings on the Saleen S7? With only vents it makes more than its own weight in downforce @ 160 mph. We are talking about the street version, not the S7R. Where are its wings? C'mon, show me. The F360 Modena also generates some 38X lbs of downforce, without wings. Hell, there are prototype aircraft with no wings, they're called lifting bodies, which I bet you think use some type of anti-gravity technology the government discovered while playing your 'shoot the alien' video game.

    You are right (for once) about your claim that air is a fluid but if the basics math applies across the board, why can't NASA's super-computer CAD system figure out how a bumble makes enough lift to stay aloft (much less even take off)? I guess they can't fly, basic math says so. I hear they have a painful sting but can't run very fast; you should go harass a few come spring, you're sure to outrun them. Just be sure to remind them they can't fly 'cause its against the rules.
  19. I believe both of the Group B MR2s used 503Es which share some castings (though the machine work is different) with the 3S-GTE. One was transverse mounted engine while the other's was longitudinal. In any case the MR2 or any tail heavy car need a wider rear tire than front, which I've done to my lightly tuned, 14 second AW11. The more power and weight on the rear wheels: the wider the tire. But really instead of the, now common, MK1.5 conversion I'll just build a wild MKI and buy a 1991 MKII project when I'm done. An entire MKII shouldn't cost much more than a MK1.5 conversion if I factor in my personal time vs. hourly wage. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  20. ban my computer from ever being switched on? LUL
  21. Such things have been own to occur. Don't look now but you're getting shit on your keyboard. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  22. BTW: What does "LUL" mean?
  23. Hey James, we need to do some genealogy work. My is Franklin too and my family moved here 17XX. Lets see if there is a relation. I'll claim you as family even though you finger your butt. Besides, nobody would blame you; after all you were raised in England!
  24. I will definitely be joining this thread later tonight...

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