My MR2 project....

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  1. It also works at 1mph, but what's your point? IT DOESN'T DO ANYTHING USEFUL until well over 100mph. BTW, the Exige's front wing (which you assume isn't there) isn't on the hood, it's located at the bottom of the bumper-it's called a chin spoiler. And as for lifting bodies, they use the same principles, only they do it at much higher speeds, so they really aren't relevant to the satifying but not wickedly fast Toyota MR2.

    Just because basic mathematics apply accross the board doesn't mean their aren't some intriguing details to play with. Also, computers have a VERY hard time modelling fluid motion. It has to do with non-laminar flow (turbulence) and the sheer amount of points it has to animate to do so.
  3. 1) I have a "chin spoiler"

    2) Any calculation concerning aerodynamics (or concerning anything) that you can work on paper a computer can work too, only faster. Since you have the weak points of the aforementioned software figured out, you should show us (mathematically) how the bumble bee is able to fly. Please, show your work. I'm intrigued!

    3) 99.99% of the cars on the road are faster than your school bus, get over it!
  4. lol i guess you didnt realise he actually owns an AMG.

    EDIT: hence the username, dumbass.
  5. You guys I JUST did this, I ran an 11.8 in my T/A by cutting a hole in my hood. =)
  6. LT1? More like LTSLOW! Run 10s or run home, nigga.
  7. I was actually looking forward to this thread, but AMGrulz ruined it for me by being a smart ass on the first page.

    I was genuinely interested in following the progress of this car, because I know "looks aren't everything". I have seen cars in worse aesthetic condition become serious machines.

    But now Im gonna just go kill myself. Bye!
  8. 1) Of course you do...

    2) We can't work out on paper how a bumble bee flies, which is why we gave it to the computers, but the computer can't do it either, because computers aren't terribly brilliant with fluid dynamics. That's why wind-tunnels won't be going out of business anytime soon. But since you want to be a smartass: F(applied) + F(friction > m x g

    3) I never claimed my car was faster than yours. However, 99.99% of cars on the road are less tacky than yours.
  9. I just read through this thread and I'm so disgusted by the ignorance that I can't bring myself to post anything.

    But EmmArTooGuy really needs to turn off 2 Fast 2 Furious and stop being a tool. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  10. And on a related note, I took these pictures back in 2003...
  11. the difference is that the car you posted isn't a huge pile of garbage
  12. My project is young it'll be easier on the eyes later.
  13. Really? So you are going to finally scrap it then?
  14. Seems like a pretty poor intercooler for a 3SGTE. Almost looks like the stock SC IC.
  15. Franklin isn't a very uncommon name. chances are we're not related
  16. if i were you i'd hope you werent.
  17. lul

    i have the same name as a NZ cricketer! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/amazed.gif"></A> omg
  18. Looks like a cool project car. Unfortunately most people on this site have never worked on a car in their life and don't know how rewarding it is to take something that is a POS and turn it into something great. Keep us posted on the results.
  19. all these unwanted distant relations are starting to pop up. You should definetely change your name sometime soon.
  20. Time out. Since when were "mid-14's" fast?
  21. Since the mid '70s I'd say
  22. Thanks for clearing that up. I was a little worried that I missed a meeting or something where we moved the title "fast" back a full two or three seconds in ET.
  23. A lot of car magazines say that anything over 90mph for the 1/4 mile trap speed is quick
  25. I never said 14s was a fast time by supercar or race car standards, but for many daily driven street cars its quite fast (most cars on the road run between mid 15s and 17s). And a great many people with cars that fall into this category think their car is much faster than it actually is. This makes "comparitive driving" in this car very entertaining (I've had people tell me I must be running 12s, though I'm not). Further, though some would say my weight stripping takes my car out of the "daily driver" category, I find an excuse to drive it almost everyday. So it is quite literally a "daily driver".

    Moral to the story is: If you want to stir up a big contraversy on, make finish body work the lowest priority on your next project!

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