My NEw Focus PPriject

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by MyWickedCorolla, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. My Focus Project

    He has rights!
  2. My Focus Project

    He are 'MERIKAN!
  3. My Focus Project

    Toniferrari is one heck of a lube job, I bet his Focus has 100,000+ miles on it and he wants to tune it?

    A turbo kit on a Ford Focus isn't gonna make a difference at all in the 1/4 mile he's gonna actually make his car slower. By the time he hits 4th gear at 87mph the 1/4 is over without no noticeable difference in ET 16.0. I had a buddy who turbocharged his 02 RSX which is a better car then a Focus and all that money, time and tuning went out the window when he found out even a stock RSX could still run him head's up all the way to fourth gear.
  4. My Focus Project

    You and your car are filthy pieces of shit. Give that body kit to some mexicans in a stock focus and trade them and have your car look stock.
  5. My Focus Project

    You're probably thinking of a regular ZX3, not a SVT. Also, there's plenty of different power outputs that you can achieve with different forced induction kits. So, your story is kind of stupid.
  6. My Focus Project

    This story is absolout BS.

    Yeah, my buddy had a 98 camaro, he had about 5k into the heads, big ass cam, #$%# even a blower and the thing still couldn't trap 100.
  7. My Focus Project

    He didn't say that he owned a SVT Focus, I bet Toni has a ZX3. As for the turbo kit on my buddies 02 RSX its true. He didn't build his motor around his turbo kit at all, he just slapped a turbo on his car without porting the heads or even buying a hot cam , he even still ran 87 octane. My Uncle ran his 04 RSX against my friend in his turbo 02RSX a dozen times and there was no difference in 1\4 mile ET at all for either car but after 4th gear thats when the turbocharged car began to pull away.
  8. My Focus Project

    Dont copy trailer park thrash!

    I seriously see the focus more of a rally car more then a street car to modify for the streets...
  9. My Focus Project

    A blower alone on a Camaro would put out 100hp to the wheels. A RWD 5.7 with lager displacement is gonna benefit more from a supercharger as oppose to a FWD 2.0L RSX. My buddies RSX only put out an extra 90hp to the crank and 74hp to the wheels but that was on the high end. In terms of low to mid range power 0-85mph he was noticeably slower.
  10. My Focus Project

    Stage 2 - indie n00bs enter for lulz

    --Happening right now.
  11. My Focus Project

    you guys have to remember that this guy CHEWS TOBACCO

    he's like koko, but even more stupid. at least Koko has a fast car.
  12. My Focus Project

    chewing tobacco FTW
  13. My Focus Project

    I'm going to put my red man plug in your red man socket.
  14. My Focus Project

  15. My Focus Project

    One of my friends tried to get me to chew tobacco.. I'm like wtf is wrong with you.
  16. My Focus Project

    I've reached a point in my life where I really feel bad about being drunk and coked up all the time and having sex with like eleven different people every week and I don't know what else I can do. Like, there has to be more to life than being drunk and coked up all the time and having sex with like fifteen different people every week. Notice that I said "people" and not "women." If it's willing/passed out enough, I'll probably stick my penis in it. If my balls don't touch other balls, I'm not gay. I'm not gay. If the dude is wearing enough makeup/hair product, I might make an exception. Also, I don't really like body hair. And I prefer slim guys. If our balls don't touch I'm not gay. I'm not gay. I am drunk and coked up all the time and having sex with like twenty five different people every week. Please don't ignore me or make fun of me. I need help plz
  17. My Focus Project

    there you are again #%[email protected] like a little girl and so happy aint crying that ur mr2 sc does better then fieros and you matured you think your smart ...awww . #$%#ing looser . #$%# you and your mr2 and yea i got a fiero who cares its my car i love it ... and your m2 is yours wtf u crying about ? So your #$%#ing mr2 gots a supercharger woooo big #$%#ing deal so does mine asshole and id whoop your ass shit my grand prix would whip your ass ....since your so smart im sure you wont quote me .... but hey we know that your a little cock sucker thats why you cant shut up ....dude im not dising on you cause your gay .. im just telling you , that your a #$%#ing looser ..... go buy a ninja or vette or a viper maybe a hayabusa .... then you can #%!@ about having something fast ...besides if the 89 fiero came out , you really wouldnt be sounding so #$%#ing smug now would you ??? Thank your blessings there aint any new fieros running around ,Im sure you shit your self with anger .....I can tell you always do .... so little boy you can act like a smart kid but you know what ? you aint a #$%#ing shit just cause you seen every #$%#ing car on supercars. net and go to church every sunday dont make you superior.....again your a #$%#ing looser miss mr2 imma go now and hope you dont get to hurt and use big words again... haahahahahahaha hahhahaha ....

    real men dont cry like girls ...
  18. My Focus Project

    WTF is the matter with you? You can't be serious at all about the above comment or are you?
  19. My Focus Project


  20. My Focus Project

    Yeah right.
  21. My Focus Project

    let me 'slpain. lucky strike is not serious. the end
  22. My Focus Project

    this is the best post in this whole thread
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  24. My Focus Project

    toniferrari first sig and av were funny
  25. My Focus Project

    Toni is Chevy's younger brother.

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