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  1. music is by the prodigy
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  2. Nice Keith Flint tribute right there
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  3. makes me think of the troops and how much i respect them
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  4. you're almost at 100 subscribers. keep it up bruh
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  5. Thanks.

    I wasn't that pleased with the last video so made another

  6. new one. enjoy

  7. cool supersonic

    I just started playing the new ace combaet
  8. Thanks how do u like ace combat?

    I was going to get ace combat but didn’t think it was worth £60. I’m going to however spend £1500 so I can run DCS in good graphics on PC.
  9. will you have a vr headset
  10. That’s a good idea have to see how much money I have. It would defiantly enhance the experience. Are u using VR in ace combat?
  11. what happend to VR it was the future about 4 years ago
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  12. havent tried it, seems cool, it definitely is, once the cost comes down.

    Next gen consoles will likely go all in on it. Thing is, I don't want to be standing up in my living room wearing gogles like an idiot

    Obviously there's the jokes about people walking in on a guy jerking off in vr, but I think it would still be incredibly emmasculating/ridiculous for your gf to come home from work and see you playing mario 3000 or whatever with vr goggles on, waving your hands at invisible stars and tripping over furniture. Like, how could you **** that guy
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  14. Get you a proper skeezer that would slob your knob while playing.
  15. only a skeezer that charges by the hour would get slobbyknobby for a guy while he slayed cartoon dragons
  16. Nah, she's got you, fam. She's a thickums snow bunny too.

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