My Probe was totaled

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Jadotch, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. Four months ago my Ford Probe was totaled, rear ended by a Vibe. With the money from the accident and some savings I purchased a 91 Ford Taurus SHO (Manual) for $3,500. 75K on the odometer, the 60,000 mile tune up already done, the car has all the maintenance records. Aftermarket exhaust and the intake polished. Could not be happier, besides the horrible white wheels the dude put on it, soon to go back to stock. Pictures to come.
  2. Nice, the SHO has one of the coolest looking intake manifolds of any regular production car, much better than the plastic crap over most engines today.
  3. ouch @ $3500 for an SHO
  4. Your Probed got Vibe'd lol

    But really, that sucks
  5. That sucks, but you picked up a sweet car.
  6. congrats on the sho
  7. The lord works in misterious you got something you can be proud of.
  8. Indeed,
    SHO>>Getting kicked in the junk>>Probe
  9. yeah, thats about what it costs to buy one here in really good condition.

    2nd gen probes are sweet, btw, very good handling and at least the motor was a mazda powerplant.
  10. ah well I suppose that's canada for ya eh
  11. Vibin the Probe.
  12. I always tought the probe was so stupid, the design is just awful, just like alot o american cars from the time(not all).

    just the fact that it was trying to replace the Mustang makes me upset at it.
  13. It wasn't an american car design.
  14. AMGrulz will be jealous.
  15. Indeed he will be, but I bet he prefers the automatic Gen II SHO.
  16. and nothing of value was lost
  17. Rear ended by a VibeLOL. I bet the Vibe was totalled, too.
  19. I think a better name for the Probe would have been Speculum (2nd gen) or Anal Bead (1st gen).
    Second gen looked alright.. first gen, not so much.

    SHO is a several steps up.
  20. The first gen probe was supposed to be the new mustang, but they thought better in the end.

    Pics of your new SHO please.
  21. LOL
  22. i think you shold chek out your car to any good macanick.
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  24. oh well it's only a probe

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