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  1. Hey I live in Detroit and I ran across a guy with one of these. I drive a modified Nissan Skyline and we raced across the Belle Isle bridge, beat him by eight car lengths.

    First off, the Skyline isn't for sale in the US yet, and no special deliveries can be placed. Second, the performance on the Skyline isn't even close to the Barchetta... gimme a break...

    yeah right...silly

    so what there's i could name a bunch of cars that could beat it in 0-60

    You dont think that you can get a skyline in the US??? DUH!!!!!!!!!!!
    And did you see that he said modified and yes theres lots of modified sklines that can smoke the Ferrari 550.

    you guys are #$%#in idiots...learn where the real forums are

    well, i kind of doubt the fact you have a Skyline and you live in the US but hey, stranger has happened. I do believe that a moded Skyline could beat this thing in a drag race though. Don't disrespect the power of a sleeper. Just because it might not have the look doesn't mean it might not have the power.

    It depends on how moded ur Skyline is

    You are a liar. Die horribly.
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    At least we dont have gay avatars!
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    That doesnt mean anything!
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    i agree with koenig man!!!!!!!!!!
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    true the 250 gto is one of the finest automobiles in the world i own a model of one and it looks almost as good as the real thing
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    i ment from the 250 gto guy!!!!!!!!!!!
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    dream on..... 4 a start it must be very very rare for a modified skyline to pull up next to a rare car such as the barchetta, and the man behind the wheel is happily willing to race his brand new sleek ferrari.- he watches 2 much fast & furious.
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    oh comon i have never seen a skyline in the us please. And right its really rare to see a rare car like that on the road.
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    1) you can get skylines in the US, a R34 cost around $90K though 2) a modded skyline will eaisly run 11 or 12 second 1/4mi, they are AWD after all 3) if you claim to own a car, no one will belive you, unless you come up with some damn convincing pics (some exceptions apliiy, like im willing to bet 90% of the people here wont call me a lier for saying i own a '00 VW golf)
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    So what you still drive a skyline not a Ferrari

    Skylines are nice and i would take one no question asked but its not a Ferrrari.

    Its all bull anyway
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    1)The guy that started this point is obviously lying...he isnt even trying to make it sound convincing,hes just trying to piss people off
    2)a heavily modded skyline can easily beat this(straight line),but how many skylines are in the US, let alone modded
    3)Modded cars arent supposed to be compared with stock cars
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    Oh god!!!!!!! 360modena vs a 1000+horsepowersupra i bet he would call it a race. Fact is this car would smoke your skyline if it was tunned. I like skylines but if you have to tunne them to compete thats like taken drugs in sports to make you perform better. My 91 Diablo VT doesnt need any mods and i bet it would give your skyline a run for its money.
  21. Lol, yes.
  22. Ferraris are not built just to be the fastest car on the road, yet they are suppost to be the nicest car on the road...and they truely succeed.
  23. Ferraris are not built just to be the fastest car on the road, yet they are suppost to be the nicest car on the road...and they truely succeed.
  24. What a ridiculous post!

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