Need help identifiying this song

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by barefoot driver, Jul 13, 2008.

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  2. moloko - the truth
  3. No, no, that's the song in the FIRST video. The one I want to know is in the video called "NOSTALGIA"
  4. That little girl from Salt Lake City / Two quart legs and two rubber titties / Loves electricity, but she burns off gas / Got a V8 pussy and a Cadillac ass.
  5. somebody do it! Schnell!
  6. i can't be bothered atm
  7. How about now?...
  8. no #$%#ing clue
  9. #$%# off you fUcking FAGgot piece of shit what am i your workhorse? no im not get your fCUCKING workhorse to find the song for you ASSHOLE
  10. link to actual video because i can't find the one you're talking about
  11. ranyator ftw
  12. Much appreciated!
  13. I'm guessing no one knows.

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