Needs a V8

Discussion in '2001 Chrysler PT Convertible Concept' started by plumber60, Dec 16, 2002.

  1. It needs a supercharged V8, plenty of room under the hood for that eh?
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    Not really. The car isn't as big as a lot of people think. If you go and look at the Hemi version being built at, you see how little room there actually is for the engine and all teh accessories (like radiator).

    The turbo versions (and the aftermarket supercharged versions) work more than adequately for the cars.

    Of course, you COULD put a V8 in there...
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    But who WOULD put a V8 in there?
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    what this car needs is a trip down 2 the local scrap yard
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    chris_v, if you dont like those civic r!cers and judging by the picture in ur profile you would like the idea of suping the pt cruiser up and draging it? HYPOCRITE
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    Go out and buy a Mopar Magazine. You'll find plenty of people in there who installs a 426 Hemi in their PT Cruisers.
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    What the hell dude? Lemme correct you there.....

    who would NOT put a V8 in there!?

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