Neighbors house just took a lightning strike!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Vsmilegirl, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. I was playing Gran Turismo, when all of the sudden a flash followed by a bolt of lightning and then the 2nd scariest noise I've ever heard followed by a buzzing wavy sound....It was across the street and down a few houses. There was no warning! There is lightning in the distance, but wow...scary. About 20 fire trucks etc came. Wonder if everyone is ok.... The scariest noise ever was the lightning that hit the tree next to my window! Blew up the treadmill...hahaha
  2. lol@no warning. But damn thats badass, I've never had a strike that close that I knew of.
  3. Quick throw some tinfoil on your head and take pictures with your big lens.
  4. were you still vsmilegirl then or did you morph into vscaredgirl?
  5. too bad it didn't fry you
  6. some photographer you are, didn't get any pics
  7. i was camping and a lightning bold hit a tree right near the site

    human feces were found in the tent the next morning, its probly unrelated

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