Neon owners... why???

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by AntiPimpage, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. "poor guys really have no idea about some of the neons running around here ... That jaguar would be killed by Jeff's car alone, throw the turbo'd cars in there like Tim's or Scott's and it's a complete game over." Lol.
  2. That totally occurred to me while I was writing that post... But I was too lazy to do it, now however you've inspired me to make the change.

  3. those dumbshits think our forum members believe they drive supercars

    edit: andrews 360CS.jpeg
  4. Hey MarkyMark... See the thing is I'm not driving a Neon...

    Me: 1
    Neon Owners: 0

    Not to mention that when I get done redoing my interior, which will cost more than what most of you paid for your cars, and I start on the engine it'll be "game over" pretty quick. Especially if I go the LS2/3 route.

    Me: 2
    Neon Owners: 0
  5. this one guy

    1999 Audi A4 1.8T
    APR chip on 93 Octane
    1st 1/4:
    14.98 @ 92.40 mph

    and he calls that fast? HAHA

    I guess they call anything a supercar nowadays

    And yet is sig.
    '98 Plymouth Neon Highline Coupe MTX

  6. yeh....... Jeru and his garage full of exotics
  7. howd they find us anyway?
  8. Markymark and Megahyp obviously can't read because if they could, they would've realized by now that just because we post on does not mean we all drive supercars!

    edit: and I never said my car was fast, why are they making this stuff up??
  9. They don't understand that people can be enthusiasts of cars they don't own because Neons don't have any enthusiasts besides the owners.
  11. The only thing ever cool about Neons was the SRT-4. And even that looked like it came out the anus end of Dodge.
  12. yeah, some of those SRT-4s are beastly drag cars, but they're so heavy they can't hanlde worth garbage
  13. No kidding. And especially this fast.
  14. They're making fun of AntiPimpage. What's the problem here?
  15. That is a fact. There is certainly NO ONE who aspires to own a Neon one day... For some it just sorta happens and they get into it for some odd reason.
  16. I thought they did ok in the handling department?
  17. "2nd gen console, clear third brakelight"

    Anyone who lists those mods in their sig is seriously lame.
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  19. Adds 50 HP yo
  20. Hey man, you gotta have those ballin Neons when you drive a car that vulgar/shit.
  21. makes the Vtech kick in yo
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  23. This is seriously great.
  24. check out the mods on Markymark's neon!!!!

    '98 Plymouth Neon Highline Coupe MTX.
    3.0 intake, ATX TB, dynomax muffler, hi-rates, booger bushings, 2nd gen console, clear third brakelight, Maddog STS, Booger bobble, Deyeme mounts.

    2nd gen consoles and clear brakelights help increase torque I think
  25. seriously. this is a lame thread filled with mostly lame ass members

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