New Camaro, is LS2 confirmed?

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by SeansVette, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. 1 wheel drive.
  2. That'd be ace! Just one HUGE wheel going across the whole rear of the car. It'd have mad traction, yo!
  3. The base model Camaro should be a 2 litre 4 cylinder with dual-overhead cams, variable valve timing and a 9000 rpm redline.
  4. Not sure if that was a joke or not.
  5. As much as it hates me to say it, me being a performance oriented sort and all, a 4 cylinder base model Camaro/Mustang would probably be a good idea. At least from a business prospective. Look how many they sold when they offered them. 4 cyl Fox Body stangs are like the plague.

    But not a retarded one like you said. A normal DOHC engine with shit output, that is cheap and gets good mileage. Think how many more Mustangs would be sold if they could chop another couple grand off their low end model.
  6. I'm willing to bet it would be much expensive than a simple V6 with similar output.
  7. What's retarded about 240hp from a 2.0L engine?
  8. The fact that you have to rev past 8000RPMs to make it. Crappy gas milage, and its within 70lbs of the LS2, which is making 400hp/400ft.lbs.
  9. Lets not get ahead of ourselfs. first off, price has not been confirmed, and if GM has half a brain, they will price around the V6 stang. Also, i said it should have a Singe Turbo Inline 6. Not a Twin Turbo V6. so i don't think cost will be that much, and it would have more hp then the v6 stang, handle better, and still be pretty good on gas.
  10. Witch? As in magician?
  11. The base model isn't supposed to some awesome performance machine. It's a car for people who like the look, but don't need the power/performance of the higher end model or can't afford it. I know this may shock you, but car companies do need to make money. They can't just pander to enthusiasts.
  12. Well I wasn't thinking about replacing the V6. I was thinking more of say a 170-180HP 4, 220-250HP 6, maybe a 300ish HP High output 6 or lesser V8, then LS2. I'm sure a lower output 4 would cost less than a 6 by some degree.
  13. Ding, ding, ding!!! Correct answer!!!
  14. Thats just it, it wont be some really expensive, awesome power machine. I was thinking more that the Camaro would have maybe 30 more hp in the lowest model then the stang. Just increase the "fun to drive factor", and bam GM would make bank off the low end model. And lets not forget everyone, i was saying they should only make a car like this if they had money to waste. Witch GM does not, we are ovisouly going to see about the same car as the V6 stang is right now.
  15. If they don't want it to be expensive, they're sure as hell not going to develop a turbo V6 specifically for the Camaro. They'd use an engine that they already have. Like the 3.5L V6 that puts out about 15hp more than the lowest Mustang. Or the 3.6L V6 that puts out about 40hp more than the lowest Mustang. Or the 3.9L V6 that puts out about 30hp more than the lowest Mustang. Any of those would be much better choices than developing an all-new engine.
  16. Agreed on using on of those motors. I just thought that turbocharging it would create a big enought differance from the normal v6 stang that it would take sales away from it.
  17. what are these engines like?


    or shit?
  18. They are pretty good motors. Have pretty good torque cause they are pushrod. They are pretty quick for the types of cars GM put them in.
  19. interesting
  20. The 3.5L and 3.9L are OHV. They're not terribly smooth, but have plenty of torque. The 3.6L is the DOHC V6 from the CTS. Very smooth, torquey, and is quick to rev. It's just quite a bit bigger than the other two, as is standard with DOHC vs OHV engines. Given the market the Camaro would be shooting for, I think the 3.6L is the least likely choice. They'd likely use one of the cheaper OHV V6's, probably the 3.9L.
  21. and I can't really see a turbo V6 fitting the image of a US muscle car
  22. I hope GM uses the 3.6 engine in the V6 Camaros.
  23. It can work. The Grand National isn't knocked by any muslce car fans I know. It's just not the standard way of doing it. If a T6 was the top level model I think there would be complaints. But if a T6 were the midrange model, say 300 something HP model, and an LS2 was top I think people would be ok with it.

    Still doesn't make it an economical, or reasonable way of going about it though.
  24. the ls2 is supposed to be gone by the time the camaro comes out. it will have something better than the ls2. also rumored it will have the dohc 3.6 v6 in the base model.

    there is no way GM will put an inline 6 or turbo inline 6 in the next camaro. the only inline 6 they have is in the trailblazer and it is just to big to fit under the hood. not to mention from a design standpoint an inline 6 vs. a v6 or v8 will not handle better but worse.
  25. it wouldnt be the first turbo pony car.

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