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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by z28vette, Mar 4, 2014.

  1. its up in the air if Mitsubishi will even be making cars in a decade currently. if I were in that case I probably wouldn't give a #$%# either.
  2. am i the only one around here that thinks mitsubishis are decent?
  3. probably
  4. i kind of like the colt and the outlander phev
  5. Civic is nice, and has lots of options. Don't know which one LX is, but my bro's has heated seats and Bluetooth and rear view camera. Totally decent car. I imagine Corolla is pretty much identical though. Vw is bad for you.
  6. Well considering I just bought one - no.

    But I'm an idiot and a poor so don't mi
  7. for the warranty you get with it its a good buy but I've always hated how they did things.
  8. Fiat 500 is the best small car.
  9. Heck yeah 10-year warranty.

    No regrets so far.

    Fun drive but I don't have much to compare it with tbh
  10. Heck yeah 10-year warranty.

    No regrets so far.

    Fun drive but I don't have much to compare it with tbh
  11. Honda Fit is the best small car. Or maybe the Fiesta ST.
  12. No, honda looks like a dust-buster and fiesta looks like an anime insect.

    They are both ugly.
  13. No doubt, but looks aren't everything, and in the areas the matter most - the Honda's quite good. Shame there aren't more engine options though.
  14. Fiat 500 feels like my parent's Sprinter
  15. Kinda want a 500s. Not sure it would work very well for the occasional up-country drives I do, though.
  16. the fiesta ST is literally the best small hot hatch money can buy.
  17. VW up #%!@es
  18. ya the entry car market kinda sucks ... I guess I would just get a golf ...

    VW reliability sucks but what can you do ... maybe a impreza hatch , not to familiar on how much $$ those go for
  19. I saw a Fiesta ST for the first time on Monday. I realllly like that car. I'm a fan of everything besides the electronic brake system replacing a mechanical LSD which would cause crazy brake fade around corners if you track it. Other than that, and for a daily cruiser, it would be perfect.

  20. Are you the one with the eclipse
  21. you could do a whole lot worse than a impreza. you won't find much wiggle room on base models though, and wrx will come in over budget on a base model.
  22. I just wish it wasn't so angular/wedge-shaped.
  23. You talk about reliability yet mention a subaru?
  24. Oh shit here comes drano
  25. No, some of their new cars really aren't that bad.

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