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  1. The J-10 is old news, from the information I have seen it is comparable to U.S. 4th gen fighters. Keep in mind that these aircraft were developed in the '60s and early '70s. What needs to be taken from this article is how China is destabilizing the international community. An action which has potentially huge repercussions.
  2. US needs to deploy F22 in Japan. That will be awesome.
  3. The Chinese fail.
  4. The plane is pretty comparable to an F-16 from what I know
  5. Which is a pretty massive step forward for China, with the amount China are spending on their defence/military, I wouldn't be surprised if they've almost caught up with America in the next decade or two, with the capabilities of their fighters etc.
  6. LOL
  7. It looks as if it were bought in a 99 cent store or something
  8. They probably just used a plastic model of a Typhoon for reference, since they probably build those models in China.
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  10. They've got a long ways to go to catch up with the preeminent military power of the world. Simply brute force spending won't remedy that. The J-10 may be a step towards parity, but a very small step. If China ever becomes a dominant player it will be because of numerical superiority, not technical superiority.
  11. You're probably right, but I dunno... I kind of feel that people under estimate them too much or something... *shrug*
  12. Damn China and Japan only has one goal: Bomb USA.
  13. Um, I don't think Japan want to bomb USA...
  14. Far East Asians have the same intentions, history will repeat itself.
  15. Is that why Japan and China essentially hate each other?
  16. because they always say: Sheba Wonton Saki!!

    If they ever fight these days, its over who has the biggest porn industry.
  17. You're lame.
  18. ...and the US isn't destabilizing the international community??
  19. By maintaining the status quo? Absolutely not.
  20. The J-10 is better than the F-16, as it is developed upon the LAVI project. It is superior to the Su-27 series of jets. It almost reminds me of the Mig 1.42 when i look at it. An F-22 will buttsecks it many many times before it even knows it's being raped, though
  21. The problem is in todays world numerical superiority doesn't mean jack anymore. Especially when your oppenent has technically superior toys (and) way more of them.

    A side note: China doesn't have 5x the US number of troops like a lot of people think. They have less than double, but still a good number more.

    They also don't have a tiny fraction of the power projection capabilities of the United States.

    I'm probably preaching to the choir here.
  22. And you know this how? From all of the sources I've seen, it is comparable to the F-16C.
  23. I would tend to agree with you Sean, in most situations. As this discussion is centered around aircraft, I will stay within this model.

    The problem I see with China is that should hostilities errupt, they've got a numerically superior force of aircraft and ideology that would not prevent them from throwing huge waves of them at our fewer but much more advanced fighters without regard to losses.

    A study was published by the USAF years back in which the F-15 was pitted against an F-5 in a dogfight. The F-15 was and is a far superior aircraft to the F-5. The F-15 was 25-0. Later in that study however, they pitted 5 F-15s against 5 F-5s and the F-15 advantage fell to 2-1. Tactics, pilot competitence, and technology are all immensely important factors; but in a sky filled with aircraft its the one that you don't see that gets you. Its not difficult to ascertain the ramifications this result has for a situation like China.

    In all honesty, I'm worried that in our focus upon the Middle East, were really allowing China to rise unimpeaded, setting the stage for what could be disastrous.
  24. And you know this how? From all of the sources I've seen, it is comparable to the F-16C. And it is generally conceded that the Flanker serious of aircraft are superior to the F-16.

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