New concept Monaro (coupe60) pictures!

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by Aych Es Vee, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. I like it, but is it just me or is there something strange about the rear wheel arches?
  2. looks great
  3. that's so #$%#ing awesome
  5. probably tooooo big.
  6. Lose the sidepipes and its perfect!
  7. The roofline's got a BMW look to it, I thin. It reminds me of something though.

    No B pillar is nice. Wonder if it'll follow through.
  8. simply.....DO WANT
  9. LS9???

    This is the first Aussie car to really wow me!

    Bring it to America!
  10. A+++++++++++ WOULD LOOK AT AGAIN

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